How to Unblock SBI ATM Debit Card Online

Do you have an account with State Bank of India? Do you use SBI Debit Card? SBI offers the best banking services to its customers thus has become the most significant financial players in the public banking sector of India.

As being an active debit card user, you must be aware that, if in case you lost the SBI debit card, you must get it blocked to prevent misuse of the card. In such case, you will block the card and apply for a new card.

If you accidentally block the ATM Card using the wrong pin three times, you can also unblock the debit card. But what if you misplaced the card and found it out later! If you haven’t yet applied for a new debit card, you can get the card unblocked easily.

Important Note: Using a wrong ATM PIN three times would invalidate the Card for the rest of the day. The card will be activated automatically after 24 Hours. If your Debit card has expired, then apply for new sbi debit card.

Access Internet banking to unblock the SBI debit card Online

You can block the debit card via online banking! SBI offers internet banking services allowing its customers to access the banking facilities and services ensuring their convenience.

Internet banking is open to access round the clock. From blocking a card, to changing the pin as well as activating new atm card, everything can get done via internet banking.

Note: Unfortunately the facility to Unblock the Debit card through sbi net banking at present is not available.

Some other ways to unblock the SBI ATM/debit card

#1 You can visit the SBI branch and meet the concerned person. You need to provide the details as asked by the officer and submit an application. This is best way by which you can unblock the Debit card if ATM got blocked for any reason.

#2 You can also unblock the debit card making a call. Dial the toll free number 1800112211 from your registered mobile number. You need to follow the IVR response and interact with the customer care representative. Request to unblock your ATM card providing the details as asked.

Activate the existing card rather than applying for a new one. The bank will get the card unblocked and provide you a new PIN. Unblocking the debit card is easier via online as you have access to the advanced services round the clock.


    • Dear sir/madam
      I would like to unblock my debit card from SBI bank which has been blocked instantly.
      Debit card detail is below
      Name of card houlder -IMTIYAZ AHMED
      Debit card no-652193967554
      account no-421347
      CIF no-9074922
      Please request to unblock the card at the earliest possible
      Thanks & Warm Regards

    • Dear Sir/Madam,

      I would like to unblock my debit card from SBI bank which has been blocked instantly.

      Debit Card Detail is below.

      Name of Card Holder – Rahul Gupta
      Debit card no – 5242 7200 14 8442
      Account Number – 396552834
      CIF No – 906397819

      Please request to unblock the card at the earliest possible.

      Thanks & Warm Regards
      Rahul Gupta

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