How to Download ICICI Credit Card Statement online

Do you use ICICI Credit Card? Are you satisfied with the card services from the bank? How often do you require the Credit Card statement? You must keep a track record and remain updated about the usages of the Credit Card.

ICICI bank is the leading financial bank in the private banking sector of the country. It gives high efforts to keep its customers satisfied. The bank strives to offer the best customer care services. By default, the bank will provide you the Credit Card statement as per the selected services.

But, what if you require the report before the default services? Indeed, as you have no idea, you will visit the bank and request the Credit Card Statement!

It is the modern era of Internet Banking! The banking services have come to your reach. You can access any banking services via Internet Banking. Yes, of course, you can download the credit card statement online.

You can quickly get the detail account records of your credit card usages. Without getting dependent on the bank and wasting your time, you can access the online services and download ICICI Credit Card Statement Online. Using this service judiciously, you can stay prevented from falling into the trap of debts!

Steps to obtain the ICICI Credit Card Statement Online

Step 1: Visit the official ICICI Banking Portal. Use your Internet Banking User ID and Password provided by the bank with the Internet Banking kit at the time of account opening. Entering the User ID and Password, click on Log In.

Step 2:  From top click on card and then click on view Credit card Statement.

Note: You may require entering the 16-Digit Credit Card Number, your Date of Birth, and Credit Card validity details.

Step 3: After successful processing of the request for Credit Card Statement via E-mail, you will receive an E-mail with your registered E-mail ID. You can download the received PDF document and get the Credit Card Statement online.

Every bank has its procedure of providing Credit Card Statement Online. You can download the statement anytime and anywhere without visiting the branch. Obtaining ICICI credit card statement online is the most convenient way for the users, and even it is fast and secure.

No need to wait at the bank and waste your time for obtaining the credit card statement. Obtain online credit card statement within few minutes!

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