How to Download HDFC Credit Card Statement Online?

Do you use HDFC Credit Card? HDFC Bank is one of the leading banks in the private sectors. HDFC Bank offers varieties of credit cards customized as per the specific needs of the customers. Credit cards are quite beneficial for many people when used in the right way.

Purchase without cash, using a credit card and pay in later period! It is indeed the most convenient way to fulfill your requirements when you run out of cash! If you regularly use a credit card, you must be well aware of the terms of use.

After using the credit card sometimes, you may find it problematic to maintain the credit card limit so that it doesn’t exceed the maximum limit. Obtaining the statement of the Credit Card could help you.

Steps to download HDFC Credit Card Statement online

Step 1: Open the official site of HDFC bank for Internet Banking Log in to your net banking account by entering user/customer id and password.

hdfc net banking login page

Important Note: If you haven’t yet activated internet banking, you can easily obtain the User ID and Password for Internet banking providing your bank details. After you obtain the User ID and Password, use to login to the Internet Banking account. Once you get Logged In to your account, you can easily download the HDFC Credit Card Statement online following next few simple steps.

Step 2: Click on the tab Cards featured on the page.

cards in hdfc net banking

Step 3: Move to the left side menu to the credit card section. Click on the third option Enquire under this section.

enquire in hdfc credit card

Step 4:Under Enquire, you will get a pop-down menu. Click on the third option View Statement.

view statement in hdfc credit card

Step 5: Enter your credit card details and select the Period. Click on View button.

detail statement in hdfc credit card

Step 6: You get directed to another page displaying Click to View/Download. Click on the button to get the view of the statement and download in the desired format, i.e., PDF File format.

download hdfc credit card statement

It is quite easy to download HDFC Credit Card statement online following the steps. Make sure to provide the valid period. If the bill for the credit card hasn’t generated, you will be unable to view and download the statement. Follow the steps and get the E-statement for your credit card anytime and anywhere!


  1. I am not a savings or current account holder of HDFC bank, but I do have and use an HDFC credit card. So how can I get my regular monthly HDFC credit card statement billed online to me as the option Netbanking is not accessible to me as shown in your video? Please help me with this as I am in a fix and can’t get the regular monthly online statement for my credit card being used.

  2. Dear Sir, this is for your kind information that I have used your credit card in the year 2003 to 2004. but unfortunately, credit card has been misplaced.
    I would like to request you please provide me with my credit card number to make clear your old dues for Rs.1048. Please do the needful at the earliest.


  3. For the period 16th April to 15th May 2018 Statement not received. Please send the same to my email ID or SMS may be sent to my
    registered Mobile No. 9176310837.

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