Canara Bank Timings – Working hours & Lunch Time

Canara bank is one of the premier commercial banks in India with over 111 years of experience in providing various banking services to their customers.  It has over 6089 branches and around 10500 ATMs across country. It also offers net banking facility to their customers so that you can perform most of your banking requirements sitting at your home or office anytime any day.

However, there are many reasons for which you may need to visit your Canara bank branch for your banking requirement. And for this you must know the timing of your branch. If you are looking for Canara working hours and lunch timing then this article is for you.

Canara bank follows the standing Indian working hours for banks. It operates from Monday to Saturday. However, the second and fourth Saturday is off.

Canara bank timings during weekdays:

Monday to Friday: During weekdays the bank starts its operation from 10 a.m. and remains open till 4p.m. However, there is one hour of lunch time in between that. From 1p.m to 2p.m the bank has lunch time and all the branch banking services are temporally off during that one hour.

Canara Bank working hours and working Days Timings

Working Day Working Time
Canara Bank Timings For Week days [Monday to Friday] 10.00 AM to 4:00 PM
Canara Bank Timings on 1st, 3rd and 5th Saturday of Month 10.00 AM to 4:00 PM
Canara Bank Timings on 2nd and 4th Saturday of Month Closed
Canara Bank Timings For all Sundays Closed
Canara Bank Lunch Timing Not specified, usually between 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM

Canara bank timings during weekend:

Canara bank is open on Saturday and closed on Sunday. The bank is also closed on second and fourth Saturday. For the remaining Saturdays in the month the bank opens at 10 a.m. and closes at 4 p.m.


  1. Sadar branch bahot bakwas branch hai inka printer kharab staff ko statement k liye request kro to misbehavior krna sbka charges mangna others bank me to nhi lete koi charges….jo krna hai wo krlo khte hai khud kitni bhi bol skte hai aur customers kaha to bank me Shor nhi hona khte hai vip customers ko phle treat krte is bank ka rule bahot kharab hai apni h manmani krte hai….

  2. Canara Bank Time 10:00 AM to 2:00 pm All Branches are Fixed.
    After 2 pm every Branches has its own policy.

  3. Hai sir this is Maruthi I complete my at 4 21 pm but the bank door was closed they said that you have to wait for all the customers to complete then we open the door is it necessary to wait I need an explanation I am hurt3

  4. नियम अनुसार rbi ने लंच टाईम खत्म कर दिया गया है फिर भी लंच टाईम पर बन्द कर देते हैं पैसा जमा करने से मना नहीं कर सकते हैं बैक

  5. I am currently outside Canara Bank, it is 23 minutes past 2:00. But the banks have not yet had lunch time till 2:00 pm. Bokaro steel city Jharkhand 827009

  6. Canara Bank Malleswaram branch has its own lunch timings 2-2.30pm .. please update the lunch timings.. in the digital world we check timings on the net and go to the bank, but end up waiting!!

  7. I am in front of Canara but they don’t let me in. . as they said timing is 10:00 to 3:30

  8. I went to bank at 3:35 PM.. On friday 1th feb 2019….but the bank is closed from 3:30pm when I asked the staff they show their rude behavior.

  9. The Canara bank branch at Hasthampatty, Salem works till 3.30pm only. Will the authorities explain why it is so when all the other Banks work till 4pm.

  10. Went to the Canara bank of lake town branch, Kolkata with my parents for the purpose of the term deposit for 1 year at 3:35 p.m but gatekeeper didn’t allow to enter into the bank because the timing of the bank was over at 3:30 pm though working hours ends at 4:00 pm. Really disappointed…

  11. Misleading post. You have mentioned

    Canara Bank Timings on 1st, 3rd and 5th Saturday of Month timings in the table 10 am to 4 Pm
    and then at the bottom you mention

    The bank is also closed on second and fourth Saturday. For the remaining Saturdays in the month the bank opens at 10 a.m. and closes at 1 p.m.

    So you are saying on Saturdays it’s 1 pm as well as 4 pm?

  12. Canara bank rude behaviour…at website mentioned 10am-4pm working hrs(cash transactions). But in our branch, Amroha near kotwali….they refused work at 03:30 pm only…

  13. Dear Authority, I want to know that what is a time of Canara bank Alwar road Gurgaon Branch. I want to deposit cash deposit at 3:30 PM but cashier and others staff are refused to do so, however, the timing is 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. What is this see it concerned authority?

  14. I think bankers are also a human being and they have some rights according to the constitution of our country which might be overlooked by our country’s bank RBI while facilitating and improving customers services policies in banks. Those who are having complaints on a lunchtime for bankers, I think they don’t want to food for their survival on earth their body may not have digestive system organs like mouth, stomach and etc..

    Think about it. It doesn’t require much to explain anymore…
    Rest you all are well educated plz use other banking products to solve your problems else be punctual enough to follow bank timing n rules…


  15. I m waiting in Canara bank Paschim Vihar Delhi and waiting from last half an hour. now the time is 2:28 pm

    The complete staff is on lunch break.
    Plz let me know what are the lunch timings

  16. Seriously these are indeed one of the work banks because even after filling a salary account form they have put wrong spelling of my name and contact number is also wrong. I don’t even want to know what kind of verification they do from the Aadhaar card and pan card etc that they put the name wrong. If it wants that the company I work I would even look at it again. For correction, I have to go back twice that to be to solve their mistakes

  17. Do some thing for timing bank refuse to enter branch at the time 3.45pm and said our closing time is 3.30pm today bank branch uttar pardesh bulandshar d.m road

  18. I’m having account with Bejai branch ,Mangalore. Occasionally i go to deposit cash.My office timing doesn’t allow me to be there before 2 pm. I went this afternoon to deposit cash…all the staff (Total 3)was on lunch break at 2.15 pm.Cashier was standing outside after finishing his lunch !!! Being a regular customer,i was asked to come after 2.30 pm.He told me to approach other branch for depositing. In that case why shouldn’t I approach other banks rather than Canara Bank ???? Also when i called circle office of Mnagalore, i got a rude reply that i must wait as its lunch break. I told him as per RBI guidelines,you cant make customer wait..he said go and complain wherever you like. Shame on you guys.

  19. What is the cash deposit timing on week days at Canara Bank, Laxmi Nagar Branch,Hubli, Karnataka. I have been refused by the bank to accept cash deposit at 3:45 pm.

  20. i want to know the Lunch Timings in Canara Bank, Begur Branch sent me actual lunch timings in canara bank begur branch..

  21. Canara Bank timings as on January 2018
    Working Hours 11.00 AM – 03.00PM
    Lunch Time 03.00PM – 03.30PM
    Post Lunch Working Hours 03.30PM – 04.30PM

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