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You would have probably not heard about SBI EMS portal if you are not employed with the State Bank of India and the reason for that is the EMS portal is basically for the employees of the bank. EMS stands for Enterprise Messaging Service and it is an email address which is assigned to each and every bank employee who is working with the State Bank of India or any of its associate.

The first thing that should be noted is that not everyone has an access to the portal and the people who would like to have the access would need to contact the EMS local head or the Admin of the Bank. In addition to this, the request for the portal credentials is subjected to approval.

Logging in to SBI EMS Portal

Step 1: If you have access to SBI EMS portal then you can navigate to the portal by clicking

Step 2: Once the portal is displayed, you may enter the username and select the correct domain. For example, SBI employees would have to select Similarly, State Bank of Patiala employees would have to select

sbi ems login page

Step 3: After entering the username, enter the password and click on Sign In button. You will now be redirected to the EMS Dashboard.

Point to Consider in Regards to EMS

Here are some important points that you must consider in regards to the EMS Portal:

  • The request for activation of the account needs to be raised with the Admin or the EMS head in the IT department. Post-approval, the account is activated for 24 hours.
  • The username and the password would be shared with the employee and it would be a one-time password. On the first login, the user would have to change the password.
  • It should also be noted that the password is valid for only 90 days after which the password expires hence the user would have to update the password of their account after every 90 days.
  • If the user forgets the password then he would have to call the EMS Helpline to reset the password. In addition to this, after entering the wrong password for 5 times, the account gets locked for 30 minutes.
  • Some of the people may change the DNS to alter the proxy settings but as a matter of fact, changing the DNS settings would block the access to the EMS portal.

Contact Centre for EMS

SBI Email desk can be contacted via three medium and the details of all three are mentioned below:

Email –
Phone – 022-2756679
VOIP – 100123, 100124 and 100127

You can contact the desk in case of any query of in case of any help that is required by you.

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  1. Respected Sir, My name is R K PADH PF ID No. 5195969.
    I am retired as Assistant General Manager of Ahmadabad Circle. During my service, I was using my Bank's email ID
    After retirement, I want to continue with SBI email ID. Now I am a pensioner, therefore, please guide me in this matter.

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