How to Register Mobile Number in Syndicate Bank for Balance Enquiry

Syndicate Bank is an old commercial bank in the Indian banking sector having its headquarters in Manipal. It has multiple numbers of branches and ATMs in different states and union territories.

The bank upgrades its banking services and facilities with the tech advancements for ensuring convenience of the customers. Do you have an account with Syndicate Bank? Availing the banking facilities, you must be satisfied with the services.

How often do you require checking the Syndicate Bank account balance? It is your responsibility to remain updated about your bank account and the available balance. Are you aware of the missed call services introduced by the bank for balance Enquiry?

To avail the missed call services, you must get your mobile number registered at the bank and get it linked to the bank account. Customers can avail the missed call service by dialing the dedicated number only from their registered mobile number.

Register the mobile number in Syndicate Bank

  • To register mobile number in Syndicate bank, type ‘SREG Customer ID‘ and send it to 9210332255.
  • Within few minutes, you will receive an SMS from the bank indicating the successful registration of the mobile number.
  • Dial 9210332255 from the mobile number after few minutes to get the balance details on your mobile.
  • The call will disconnect automatically after two to three rings.
  • You will receive an SMS containing updated balance info of your account.
  • If you have multiple accounts with Syndicate Bank and use a single mobile number, you can receive balance info of a separate account set as the default account.
  • To change the default account number, type ‘SACC Customer ID Account No‘ and send it to 9210332255. The default account number will change within few minutes, and you will receive the notification about it.

Important note: Get customer id and Account no from bank passbook.

To register the mobile number in Syndicate Bank, you need not visit the branch! You can activate the service from your mobile by self without any assistance from the bank employees.

You don’t even need a Smartphone with internet access. Syndicate doesn’t charge any fees to register the mobile number or to avail the missed call service.

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