How to Search Voter ID By Name Online

To cast your vote, you need a valid Voter ID Card. You can’t participate in any elections if you don’t have a voter ID Card. The Elections Commission of India conducts a survey every year throughout the country to list out the new voters.

You need to apply for a Voter ID Card at the Election Commission’s office of your area. The Election Commission of India issues a Voter ID Card that acts as the Election Card as well as Identity Card.

If you are not sure whether your name is enrolled in the Electoral list, you need to verify it from the list. Do you know how to search Voter ID by Name online?

Search Voter ID By Name Online

Step 1: Visit the official website of Electoral Commission

Step 2: You will find two options on the homepage of the site to get the Voter ID card details, i.e. Search by Name and Search by EPIC No.

Select ‘Search by Name‘ option.

search voter id by name online

You need to enter the detail credential like Name, Age/DOB, Father’s/Husband’s Name, Gender, State, District, and Assembly Constituency. Enter the Code as shown in the image within the provided box and click on ‘Search‘ button.

If your name is enrolled in the Voter’s List, the screen will display the Voter ID Card details on the screen or else it will display a notification message about the unavailability.

Searching Voter ID card by name online is easy and simple. You need to enter the name correctly without any errors. There may be several persons with the same name so make sure to enter maximum details to get correct information.

You can download the Voter ID card details online and use for different purposes until you receive the Voter ID card.

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