R/O Means in The Bank/Voter Application Form

Indian banks are one of the safest places to store money and get interests over saving it. Almost every person who resides in any part of India must have a bank account. Nowadays, even people under the age of 18 have a bank account. Every bank in India presents different benefits and services to its customers.

A person looking to open a bank account, irrespective of the bank, has to fill up the bank application form. A bank application form is a simple form that requires you to fill in personal details about yourself and some other essential information. They also require you to provide some documents like id proof, adhaar card, pan card, voter id, etc.

Many fields are needed to be filled in the bank application form. One such field is the R/O field. R/O field is also available in the voter ID declaration form. Here we will discuss what R/O means.

R/O Meaning or full form in Banking/Voter ID Form

Many people who fill up the bank application form face problems regarding some of the form fields. They need to ask the executive about these fields, and after understanding, they will fill-up the form. One such field is the R/O field.

R/O Means in The Bank Voter Application Form

R/O is an abbreviation of many different works. But here, we are talking about the bank application form. In the banking/Voter ID declaration form, R/O is the abbreviation of the ‘RESIDENT OF‘. It refers to the area of your housing address. Therefore, in this field, you need to add the area name that is closest to your housing address.


Having a bank account means assuring the safety of your money. Bank account creation requires you to fill a long-form. Some fields of this form are difficult to understand. In this article, we discussed one such field, i.e., R/O.

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