Canara Bank RTGS Form Download in PDF Format

RTGS is a system for specialist funds transferring from one bank to another bank. RTGS is the abbreviation of Real-Time Gross Settlement that settles payment instantly on an individual basis without any netting debits. And once it’s processed, the payments are irrevocable. RTGS implemented by the central banks of India in the year 2004. Today, we are going to talk about the Canara Bank RTGS system and its work processing.

Canara Bank has given the facility to its customer to start the application for RTGS online. Now, you can easily download your RTGS form through the internet and apply for a money transfer via electronic mode. This process is used when a person wants to transfer a heavy amount from their bank account. The minimum amount is being 2 lakh, but there are no maximum amount limitations.

RTGS application takes a time boundantion, as it is only applicable within the bank office hours like Monday to Friday, 8.00 am to 6.00 pm, and working Saturdays. It will not be applicable on Sundays or any national holidays. RTGS form is available in PDF format, and you can download the PDF format for the RTGS application. There are so many other forms also you can avail to apply for RTGS.

All you need is to have an account in Canara Bank. Canara Bank only can give the facilities to its customers. Here, you also will get an easy method for downloading the pdf form that is Canara Bank’s mobile application, and you only have to install it at first. This system makes your application easy from anywhere you are comfortable. We here to describe the steps to follow for the RTGS form download till the submission of the form to the Canara Bank.

Canara Bank RTGS Form Fill Up

If you don’t have net banking facilities, you can download the form provided by us below. Click on the link to download the RTGS form. In the form, you will find RTGS and NEFT, both sections for a fill-up. You have to fill up the data with the particular RTGS statements to avoid difficulty.

Canara Bank RTGS Form Download in PDF Format

At the time of form fill up, there need to fill the crucial documents like the IFS code of Canara Bank, Canara Bank branch name, date of application, bank account holder name, the sender’s mobile number, sender’s pan card number, etc. Then, on the right-hand side, you have to fill up the beneficiary bank and branch name, beneficiary account number, account holder name, the amount to be remitted, the value of notes(in case of cash payments). After filling up all the documents, you have to sign the form as required.


If you are new to the process, you must know how it will work in the first place. As mentioned above, the RTGS works individually, which means it won’t work on bundle documents together. So, you can rely on transferring your money to another bank safely. To avail of the process, download the form now. Contact us for more inquiries.

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