How to Get Canara Bank 13 Digit Account Number

Do you have an account with Canara Bank? Do you keep the passbook along with you? Do you keep the bank account details? If no! What would you do if you require the account number for any purpose?

You may require the account number to send someone for a cash deposit or online transfer. You must have an idea about different ways to get Canara Bank 13 digit account number.

The Canara Bank account number is of 13 digits. The first four digits of the account number are the branch code. The next set of three digits denotes either savings or current account.

The next two digits of the set of numbers are zero, and the last four digits of the set identify the account holder and are unique.

Every responsible person must keep a record of the account details as you could require it anytime.

canara bank 13 digit account number

Different ways to Obtain the Canara Bank Account number

  1. You can get the account number from the first page of the passbook printed along with other details of the account holder.
  2. If you have a checkbook, you can find the account number on the cheque slip.
  3. You can dial the toll-free number – 18004250018 from your registered mobile number and request to obtain the account number. The executive would ask you a few questions to identify. After confirmation, the executive would provide you the account number.
  4. You can visit the bank branch and request to obtain the account number. You will require providing certain details. The executive will verify the provided details, and after confirmation, you will get the account number.
  5. If you receive the bank statement, you can find the account number printed on it.
  6. You can access your net banking account to obtain the account number as well.


  1. எனது பாஸ்புக் தொலைந்து விட்டது எனக்கு என் கணக்கு எண் வேண்டும்

  2. Would you please tell me how to get Canara bank’s 13 digit account number by just providing a name to Bank Manager?

  3. Sir, I lost my account no and passbook a very long time .so could you please send me the account no. pls its my humble request

  4. I lost my passbook of Canara bank..
    Could you plz provide me my account number ..
    Registered on this number…

  5. I lost my passbook and I don’t know my account number and what should I do

  6. Because by mistake I have transacted to someone, that’s why I need details about him

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