How to Know Allahabad Bank Account Number

Do you have an account with Allahabad Bank or are planning to open one? A responsible person must have adequate knowledge about the banking features and facilities to get the best benefits from the provided services.

Many people are not acquainted with the simple banking services as well as features. Such people may not even know what their account number is. Every bank provides a unique account number to every customer, and every customer must note down the account number for future reference.

You need the account number under many situations and making transactions. In this post, we are going to tell you all the possible methods to know your Allahabad bank account number.

How to obtain Allahabad Bank account number?

Allahabad Bank provides the 11-digit unique account number to every customer, and you can obtain the account number from different sources.

  1. Check the first page of the passbook. You will find an 11-digit set of numbers printed on the first page which is the account number.
  2. If you use a Chequebook, you can find the account number printed on the first page as well as on the slips.
  3. You can get the account number from the bank statement as well.
  4. If you activated internet banking services for your account, you need to log in to the official website of Allahabad Bank and search for the account number in the customer’s profile.
  5. You can visit the bank branch and meet the accounts executive. You can ask the executive to provide the account number as you don’t have access to other facilities. The executive will demand the relevant documents for customer identification and will provide the account number.

Make sure to keep the account number safe for future references. You would require providing the account number to other persons to receive deposits. Your account number is unique and is a valuable asset for every account holder.


  1. My sister stuck in Uttrakhand since lockdown and forget to take with her Allahabad checkbook and moreover she forget her pension account number. Her account is in Chittaranjan park Delhi. How can she access her bank through the bank branch in Nanital?

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