How to Replace a Lost SBI Passbook Online

Did you lose or misplace your SBI Passbook? Under certain circumstances, a person may lose the bank passbook. The only option for you is to request for a duplicate or a new passbook. You can apply for a duplicate passbook if you lost it or it got damaged or stolen.

The passbook is very important as it contains individual details and banking details of the account holder. The passbook also gets accepted as a vital document for Address Proof. It is not possible to get duplicate passbook of SBI online.

But you can activate SBI mPassbook online and check all printed transaction details online.

To get a new passbook, you need to write an application letter to the Branch Manager. Specify the request to replace the lost passbook in the application.

Make sure to mention the account number. You also need to attach the copies of self-attested documents for identity proof and address proof. Mention the reason for requesting to replace the SBI Passbook. Apply along with the copies of the documents.

The executive at the help desk will verify the signature and the copies of the documents attached with the application. After confirmation, you will receive a new passbook. Make sure to check the new passbook whether the printed details are correct or not.

You can also request to fix the barcode on the passbook which will make it easier for you to update the transactions in the passbook through the Passbook Printing Machine. You need to provide a passport-size photograph for photo attestation.

The executive will cross sign it and affix a stamp on the photograph. The passbook with photo-attestation will be helpful for property related transactions.

If you lost the passbook, you must notify the bank immediately and request to replace it. It will take around 15-20 minutes to issue a new passbook with details printed on it. Make sure to check the details printed on it. If there are any errors, correct it immediately.


  1. I have lost my passbook and checkbook of sbi, please send me a link to duplicate my checkbook and passbook.

  2. I have lost my PPF passbook and I don’t remember my account number. How to retrieve my PPF account number?

  3. To,
    The Bank Manager
    JNPC Parawada Branch
    Dear sir,
    I have taken a bank account in your bank in JNPC Branch, due to the shifting of the houses from HYD to Viz I have lost my Passbook. If you don’t mind please issue another passbook to the below-mentioned address
    R. Isaiah
    G.16 Vaibhava Grand Apartments Lankelapallem Visakhapatnam

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