How to Get Duplicate Insurance Copy Online

Obtaining an insurance policy is the best way to manage financial risks. Buying the policy, you transfer the cost of potential loss to the insurance company. In exchange, you need to pay a fee known as premium.

You can ensure home, vehicle, life, and business. You can also cover health care costs obtaining an insurance policy. To claim settlement, you need the policy which is the essential document. Thus, it is essential to keep the policy document safely.

If in case, you lost the policy or the document gets damaged, you need to apply for a duplicate insurance copy online or offline.

Steps to obtain Duplicate Insurance Copy Offline

  • First of all, submit a written application to the insurance company.
  • You need to mention the reason and your requirement of duplicate insurance policy.
  • You also may require submitting the FIR copy with the application.
  • The insurance company will ask you to sign the indemnity bond on a non-judicial stamp paper. Signing the paper, you will confirm making a formal and legal request for obtaining the duplicate copy of the policy. Go through the bond in detail before you sign!

You need to learn about the process of applying for a duplicate insurance copy. The insurance companies have different regulations and process to request for obtaining the duplicate copy.

Some of the insurance companies offer online services to download the duplicate copy of the policy online.

Steps to obtain a duplicate Insurance copy online

You need to visit the official site of the insurance company. Search for the section to view/download insurance policy.

You require entering the policy number, date of birth and other policy details. You will get the policy displayed on the screen or sent through email.

The format for the national insurance company is given below.

download insurance copy online

You can download the policy after checking the details to be authentic.

Make sure to check the offered services and facilities before initiating steps to get duplicate insurance copy online or offline.

You can visit your branch or inquire from the customer care about the process of requesting for a duplicate insurance copy. Keep the policy document safe!

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