How to Change Address in SBI Account Online

Do you have an account with State Bank of India? If this is your only active account, then you certainly would not prefer to close it. You may require changing the contact address (As per the bank records) if you are a tenant and relocate to different places around the city.

If you transfer to another city under such scenario, you need to change the address as saved in the bank records. You need to follow few steps to change the address in SBI account.

Important Note: For security reasons, you can’t find any option to change Address in SBI Bank Account Online. You have to visit the home branch with valid KYC documents to change your address. You need to update the new address in the bank records as well as your passbook.

Change your address in SBI records

Step 1: Visit the bank branch carrying documents for identification, new address proof as well your bank passbook. Make sure to carry the original documents as well as a photocopy of the papers.

Step 2: You have to write an application to the Branch Manager. In the application, you need to mention the old address as printed in the passbook and your request for changing the address providing the new address details. Attach the photocopies of the KYC documents as required.

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Step 3: Demand the Address Updating Form and fill the boxes as applicable without any errors. Apply the Address Updating Form along with the attached KYC documents and the application.

You will receive notification about the updates within 2-3 working days.

Once you receive the notification about successful update of the address, visit the branch once again and request at the Help Desk to provide you a new passbook and get the new address printed on it after showing the old passbook. Request for a new cheque book along with the passbook.


  1. Yes, Don’t bother Just change the banking with SBI. Their process is so elaborate when this an E system age and SBI still is going backward visiting branches for everything. This includes international customers

  2. now when an sb account can be transferred to another branch in sbi online, the joint account can not. is there any option to do it online?

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