How to Register/Change Mobile Number in IOB Bank Account Online

Indian Overseas Bank is a nationalized bank following the updated norms of the Reserve Bank of India. This bank in the public banking sector of the country strives to deliver convenient services and facilities to its customers.

If you have an account with Indian Overseas Bank, you must be enjoying the latest facilities offered by the bank. How do you get the updates and the notifications from the bank?

Of course! SMS alerts services introduced in the banking sector make it convenient for the account holders/customers to receive the latest notification or updates from the bank.

As per the rules, it is essential to provide the mobile number at the bank. The bank sends notifications to the registered mobile number. After every withdrawal, deposit, cheque clearance and other transaction modes, you will receive the real-time updates on the registered mobile number.

Apart from receiving the transaction notification, the registered mobile number is essential to open and access online banking services! Provide a permanent and active mobile number at the bank.

The bank will register the number and link it with your account number. Every account holder must have the idea about the steps to register or change mobile number in IOB Bank account.

Follow the steps to register or Change the mobile number in IOB Account

Step 1: You need to visit the IOB home branch. Make sure to carry the copy of the documents like identity, proof, address proof, photo and bank details along with the original documents.

Step 2: Meet the Accounts Executive and ask for a ‘KYC Detail Change Form‘ or a ‘Mobile Number Change Request Form‘.

Step 3: Fill up the application form without any error and make sure to provide the new mobile number you want to register. If you want to change the registered mobile number, make sure to provide both the old and new mobile numbers.

Step 4: Undersign the form and attach the copies of the relevant documents as required. Deposit the application form with the attached document’s copies.

You will receive a notification from the bank stating successful registration of mobile number.


  1. I already submit the form to change my new number in the Bank but still, they do not change my number. It is urgent in my college.

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  3. I want to change my mobile no which is already linked , currently, I’m using 868884285 , pls link this

  4. I want a mobile number change plz urgent help me.
    My new number 54405146
    My account no. My Name Ali Fahad Choudhury
    State Assam
    Country India
    IFSC Code=UBIN0541206
    My new mob

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  6. My A/c no:8604 old mobile number 8682951191 change my new mobile number 8072730344

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  10. very difficult to online registration individual registration form filled but next page not coming comes only existing password Home branch shevapet iob does not help how I will get iob internet.

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