4 Ways to Change & Register Mobile Number in Federal Bank Online

Indian banking sector is advancing with the growing tech efficiencies. Accessing different banking services has become easier and convenient for the account holders in several ways. The traditional ways of accessing the services were time-consuming and required efforts.

Do you have an account with Federal Bank? Did you register your mobile number at the bank? After receiving your request for mobile number registration, the bank will ink your mobile number with your account and you can stay connected with your account.

Upon every transaction, i.e. deposits, withdrawal, cheque clearance, deposits, etc. you will receive instant notification on the registered mobile number. You can also access the missed call services as well as SMS services only from your registered mobile number.

Do you know how to register and update mobile number in the Federal bank? Nowadays, every bank registers the account holder’s mobile number by default. The mobile number gets linked to the account and you can avail the services conveniently. If you have an old account and haven’t registered your mobile number, update your mobile number as fast as you can.

#1: Steps to Change Mobile Number in Federal Bank Online

Step 1: Visit the official website of Federal Bank and log in your net banking account. Click on General Services.

Step 2: Click service request and then New Service Request.

Step 3: You will get directed to a new page where you need to select ‘Change mobile number/Email ID‘. Enter the country code of the mobile number and then the new mobile number along with the email id. click on Submit button to proceed ahead.

Step 4: Enter the transaction password for the confirmation and click on submit.

After successful registration or update of the new mobile number, you will receive a notification on the mobile number.

#2: Change or Register mobile number in Federal Bank Through Branch

#1 You don’t have internet access; you can opt for the offline method. You can submit an application to the Branch Manager stating your requirements for registering or updating mobile number.

#2 First download the federal bank contact details modification form. Make sure to write down the bank account credential and other personal info in the application. Carry the relevant documents, i.e. passbook, identity proof, etc. along with the photocopy of the documents.

#3 Visit the help desk and demand a KYC update form. Fill up the form providing the credential without any errors. Make sure to write down the new mobile number that you want to link with the account.

#4 Undersign the form and attach the application as well as the photocopy of the documents and submit it. Upon activation or successful update of the new mobile number, you will receive the notification via SMS on your new mobile number.

change mobile number in federal bank

#3: Change Mobile Number through Federal Bank ATM

Visit Nearby Federal bank ATM. Insert your ATM card and enter the PIN. Next, click on more services and update mobile number in next page.

Your new mobile number will be updated within 24 hours.

#4: Register Mobile in Federal Bank for Balance Enquiry

To register for Federal Bank missed call based balance enquiry service, you need to send an SMS ‘ACTBAL 14 Digit Account Number‘ to the number 9895088888. You will get confirmation message immediately.

For making an online transaction or accessing any other banking services, a registered mobile number is essential. The bank sends the OTP to the registered mobile number for authenticating the transaction.

To access missed call and SMS services even you need a registered mobile number. Updating or registering mobile number at the bank is pivotal nowadays.


  1. Could you please tell me what is the procedure for changing my mobile number. actually, I lost my old SIM card.

  2. Hi I was abroad for 9 months.. so I have not used my mobile number …now my number has been disconnected…how will I link my new number…my old number is not in use…what will I do…plss reply

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