SBI ATM Response Code List - ATM Error Codes & Solutions

Do you have an account with State Bank of India? Do you use SBI debit card? SBI is one of the leading banks in India with a vast network of branches and ATMs across the country.

While using the ATM/Debit Card at the ATM terminals, the machine generates different codes for the transaction. The codes generated by the machine get printed on the slip.

As a cardholder, you must have the idea about the SBI ATM response code and also the solution to prevent inconvenience.

SBI ATM Response Codes and its solutions

The response code is unique and describes the status of the transaction. The response code could denote an error or a successful transaction. You must learn about the error codes and its solutions.

If the response code is 053 it denotes, you entered an incorrect PIN. Make sure to reenter the correct PIN within next two times. If you enter the wrong PIN three times, the ATM card will get automatically blocked for next 24 hours.

If the response code is 058 or 059, you attempted to withdraw an amount more than the available balance in the account. First of all, you need to get confirmed about the available account balance and request the amount as available in the account.

If the response code is 060, you have exceeded the usage limit. The withdrawal limit from ATMs of other banks is Rs 10, 000, so make sure not to exceed the limit in the next trial.

You could get this error if the account status is 'Dormant'.

ATM Response Code List

Response CodeDescription
050Unauthorized Usage
051Expired Card
052Invalid Card
053Incorrect PIN
054Database Problem
055Ineligible Transaction
056Ineligible Account
057Transaction Not Supported
058Insufficient funds
059Insufficient funds
060Usage Limit Exceeds
061WDL Limit Would Be Exceeded
062Pin Tries Exceeds
063WDL AMT already reached
064Invalid Credit Card Cash Advance
068External Decline
070System Error
071Contact Card Issuer
072Destination Not Available
073Routing Loopback
074Message Edit Error
076Dormant Account
077Account is locked
078Inoperative Account
079Acct Not Connected to ATM Card
089Acquirer limit exceeds
093Minor Acct
094Insufficient Funds
095Insufficient- mod-funds
096Drawing Power
150Blocked Card

You need to check the account status to confirm whether it is dormant or not. If the account status is Dormant, you need to withdraw cash from the branch. After making the withdrawal, the account status will turn Active, and you can further use the ATM card without any hassles.

sbi atm response code list

If the response code shows 150, it denotes Blocked ATM Card. You need to apply for a new ATM Card and activate the same.

These are the meaningful SBI ATM response codes and the easy solutions which every SBI ATM Cardholder must be aware.

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