How to Set New Transaction Password in Syndicate Bank Online

Do you have an account with Syndicate Bank? Did you activate internet banking for the account? Internet Banking is indeed a welcoming and innovative banking service! You can make the transactions online within a few minutes without visiting the branch.

Accessing the internet banking service, you can save time and effort. Activate Syndicate Bank internet banking services for your account if you haven’t done it.

New users registering for internet banking services need to set transaction password. You can set the transaction password in Syndicate Bank online. Setting the transaction password is a matter of a few minutes.

You don’t need to visit the branch and waste your time standing in a long queue. Following a few steps, you can set the transaction password. First, you need to obtain the reference number before setting a new transaction password.

Steps to Get Reference number in Syndicate Bank Online

Step 1: First visit Syndicate internet banking login page and click on ‘Forgot/Reset Password‘ link.

forgot reset password syndicate bank

Step 2: Next enter your account number and Email address registered with your account. First, validate the entered details and click the next button.

validate account details syndicate bank

Step 3: To authenticate the transaction, enter ‘OTP password‘ received on registered mobile number and click the Submit button.

otp authentication syndicate bank

Step 4: Now Enter your syndicate bank customer ID and date of birth, then click the next button after entering the security code. You can also use the ATM card and transaction details to complete the process.

enter customer id dob syndicate bank

Step 5: Now select the ‘Set New transaction password‘ option and click the Submit button.

select reset only transaction password syndicate bank

The reference number will be sent to your email address successfully. You will require to enter this reference number in the next steps.

Steps to Set new transaction password in Syndicate Bank Online

Step 1: Visit the official website of Syndicate Bank on your computer with internet connection. Select Net Banking tab featured on the homepage of the site. You will get directed to the ‘Services‘ page.

Syndicate Bank net banking login

Click on ‘Continue to Login‘ link to proceed ahead. You will get directed to the Login Page where you need to enter the User ID and Password. Click on ‘Login‘ button, after entering the User ID and Password.

Step 2: The screen will display the account summary. Move the mouse cursor to ‘Customer Services‘ and click on it. The next step is to click on ‘Set Transaction Password‘ link which you will find in the left side menu of the page.

Step 3: You will get directed to a new page where you will find different spaces for User ID, to Enter Reference Number, and Enter New Transaction Password.

Move back to your registered email account to find an email from Syndicate Bank. You will receive the Reference Number for requesting to set the Transaction Password from Syndicate Bank.

Note down the Reference Number and move back to the official site of Syndicate Bank to continue the process.

enter new transaction password syndicate bank

Enter the Reference Number, and Enter New Transaction Password twice in the provided boxes. Make sure to follow the instructions for setting the Transaction Password and set a strong password.

Click on Change button after entering the New Transaction Password.

Step 4: After clicking the Confirm button, you will receive a message about the successful setting of transaction password.

confirm new transaction password syndicate bank

You need to use the transaction password to make the online transactions. Make sure to keep the passwords safe and never share the password with any other person.


  1. My Synd. Bank merged with Canara Bank. Before that, I had a Net banking ID & Password generated. I used it a couple of times for fund Transfer. Recently, when I tried to transfer funds for online purchase, After filling the form for net banking transaction and completing it, the Canara Bank form jumped in and asked for a Transaction Password. I inserted Syn. Bank generated by net banking Password. Canara Bank shoed ERROR message “Give Transaction Password”. Am I suppose to get Both Bank ID and Transaction Passwords? When I contacted Syn. Bank Manager, he said “it is not required” and I failed to transact and the order had to be canceled several times. I am (79), how to cope? Can anyone reply to me at my mail ID: [email protected], please.

  2. After the amalgamation of Syndicate Bank with Canara Bank w.e.f.1.4.2020, the interface of Canara Bank website for Syndicate Bank has changed
    How to check the old/forgot transaction password of Syndicate Bank and create a new transaction password in Syndicate Bank of the interface of Canara Bank
    Any suggestion, please.

  3. After merging of syndicate bank, the interface of the bank website has been changed. I am not able to find the forget transaction password option only a new login password setting option is showing.
    Looking forward to your suggestion.

    • Yes, Manoj You are right. There is no option of forgot the Transaction password.
      It is not all possible if the bank has not issued the Debit Card.
      The bank needs to incorporate the option as the Debit Card is not issued.

  4. Thank you. Very helpful and simple instructions. It worked! The bank’s own website does not give clearcut instructions at all.

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