Corporation Bank Mini Statement Toll Free Number 

With the advancement of technology and the country going digital in all most all spheres of activities due to penetration of internet to the remotest of the areas and increased use of the smartphone, gone are the days when one used to spend hours at the bank counters to know her account balances and get their passbook updated.

Today almost all banks of the country are providing the mobile banking facilities including providing the mini statements of accounts giving the detail of last 5 or 6 transactions. It has become necessary to provide account information over the phone to the customers instantly to stay ahead in the rat race and cater to the best services.

Corporation Bank has also joined the league and is providing mini statements to the mobile number of their customers.

Corporation Bank Mini Statement Number

In the beginning, one needs to register or link their mobile number with the related bank account number to get the mini statement over the phone. There is also another advantage of registering the mobile number.

One gets SMS every time some transactions are made on the registered mobile number, and any fraudulent transactions can be immediately informed to the bank. After registration of the mobile number to the Corporation Bank account, it is time to dial 09289792897 and follow the interactive voice response system or the IVRS options and press the correct button to get the mini statement in Hindi.

This number facility is for the domestic customers. Customers who are staying abroad and want the mini statement communicating with the IVRS through Hindi should dial the same number prefixing +91 at the beginning.

Again as a customer of Corporation bank, if you want to interact in English with the IVRS staying in the country, you should dial 09268892688, and the overseas customers should dial 919268892688.

After dialing the Corporation bank Mini Statement Number and selecting the correct statement for the same, the customer will receive the mini statement through SMS.

However, this facility is not provided to the mobile numbers that are not linked with the bank account. Only account holders with a registered mobile number can avail this facility.

So it is always better to register your mobile number with the Corporation Bank account number and stay updated getting the mini statements over the phone.


If you are a Corporation Bank account holder, then it is time to link your mobile number with the bank account for getting the mini statement. Dial 09289792897 or 09268892688 as per your language preference and stay updated.

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