UCO Bank Mini Statement Missed Call Toll Free number

Do you have an account with UCO Bank? United Commercial Bank is one of the leading commercial banks in India. It boasts in the industry for its increasing numbers of customers.

It offers excellent services and also gives high efforts to satisfy the varying needs of the account holders. How do you check the account balance? How do you get updates about the last transactions made in your account?

Passbook printing is a simple option to learn about the transactions. You also can get the mini-statement from the ATM center using the debit card and select the option in the machine.

What if you require the mini statement at the midnight when you can’t either visit the bank or the ATM? UCO Bank account holders need not get worried in such situations.

UCO Bank introduced a toll free number for obtaining the mini statement. The account holders can dial the toll free number and receive the mini statement instantly via SMS.

Give a missed call and obtain the mini statement of your UCO Bank account

  1. Dial 09213125125 from your mobile number.
  2. Give a missed call or the call would get disconnected automatically after a few rings.
  3. Within a few minutes, you will receive an SMS.
  4. Open the SMS to find the details of the last five transactions made in your account.

uco bank mini statement number

You can access the missed call service anytime and from anywhere. Account holders with registered mobile numbers can access this service.

So, make sure to register your mobile number at the bank and get it linked to the bank account.

You will receive real-time updates on the registered mobile number as well as access the missed call services.

The bank won’t charge you for requesting mini-statement, and your mobile network service provider won’t charges you for dialing the number as it is a toll-free number.


  1. कभी भी वापस जवाब या मिनी स्टेटमेंट नही आता बैंक स्टाफ भी इतनी हेल्फ नहीं करते जितनी sbi वाले करते हैं

    • आपके यूको बैंक द्वारा कभी भी रजिस्टर फोन 919182132 से missed call देने mini statement का एस एम एस नहीं आता है।

    • मेरे रजिस्टर फोन नं 91981832 पर कभी भी misd call देने पर mini statment नहीं आता है।

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