How to get Axis bank mini statement by missed call or SMS?

We are in the digital era, and most of the works get done digitally! Yes! The banking sector is not left behind. The leading players in the market from banking sectors have digitalized their services confirming convenience for their customers.

Nowadays, account holders need not visit the bank or stand in a queue at the ATM centers to get the mini statement. Simply give a missed call to a specific number and get the mini statement.

Every bank has its dedicated toll-free number for obtaining the mini statement. 18004196969 is the toll-free number dedicated to Axis Bank account holders. This toll-free number would be quite helpful to you if your mobile data plan has terminated. You can also get axis bank balance through missed call without any internet.

Steps to get the mini statement in Axis Bank:

First you need to register the mobile number with your axis bank account and just need to follow the steps to avail this banking service.

  1. Give a missed call from the registered mobile number to 18004196969 or your call will get disconnected after one or two rings. Dial 18004196868 to get your Mini Statement in Hindi.
  2. You will receive an SMS containing the mini statement of your account.
  3. You will get details of your last three transactions.
  4. You can avail this service from any handset, and you don’t even need an Internet connection.

axis bank mini statement toll free number

Nowadays, mobile app usage has increased, and availing banking services from the app has gone common. But to avail, this service you don’t need a Smartphone or install the AXIS Bank app.

Simply, dial the toll-free number from your registered mobile number and wait for few seconds. You will receive the message automatically.

Get your mobile number registered

You need to get the mobile number registered at the bank and get it linked to your account. If you have multiple accounts in the same bank, you can’t avail this service for multiple accounts. You will receive the mini statement for only one linked account. Make sure to follow the procedure of getting the mobile number registered.

To register the mobile number at the bank, you need to visit the branch and fill up the account set-up form to validate the mobile number. Bank officials would assist you in the entire process. Activation process would take some time, so you need to have patience.

Upon confirmation of the activation, you will receive an SMS about the same. Once the given mobile number gets activated for banking services, you can avail this service. Axis Bank offers this service free of cost! So, avail this service and avoid wasting time to get the mini statement in Axis Bank.

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