TMB Bank Mini Statement By Missed Call & Toll Free Number

Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Limited is a Thoothukudi Bank, Tamil Nadu, India. The bank is based in Thoothukudi. Founded in 1921, the Nadar Bank was renamed TMB in November 1962 but extended its appeal outside the community of Nadar by changing its name to the Nadar Bank in November 1962.

Do you own a Tamilnad Mercantile Bank current or saving account? If yes, you will be helped by this post. Here’s a thorough analysis of the missed call banking service from Tamilnad Mercantile Bank. This blog will follow a detailed note about the TMB mini statements and how the user can check them.

A mini statement is a compressed bank account statement form where you will find in your bank account information of the 5 last transactions. This is when you ask the bank for your bank account’s transaction details.

Different Ways to get TMB Bank Mini Statement

Through Missed call

To get the TMB Bank Mini statement, Give a Missed call from your mobile number to 09211947474. After one to two rings, the call will be disconnected automatically. An SMS having a mini statement will be sent to your registered mobile number. Check the SMS and details of the last three transactions can be found.

tmb bank mini statement

By Calling Customer Care

To respond to your questions and solutions for problems, the Bank has a highly efficient team. You can reach the bank through their website if you have problems with your TMB account. You can call toll-free number 18004250426 if you want to make a call and seek assistance. You can also dial the customer care number  +919842461461 to enquire about your transaction details.

Services Contact
Missed Call Mini Statement number 09211947474
Toll-free number 18004250426
Customer care Number +919842461461
Email [email protected]
NRI Email [email protected]

Through the app

To access and explore your transactions instantly, download the TMB DigiLobby app into your smartphone. See all operating account transactions in one single window. This service provides viewing information 24 hours a day. For Android and iOS, this application is available.

From the ATM

  • Insert your ATM card.
  • Select the language you want to continue with.
  • Enter the secret pin number for 4 digits.
  • Press Accept.
  • Click the button “Additional transaction.”
  • Click on the button “Mini Statement.”
  • To complete a transaction, press “yes.”
  • Don’t forget to pull the machine out of your ATM Card.
  • Don’t forget to receive your machine receipt.


Tamilnad Mercantile Bank offers a variety of services through which you can know last account transaction details. We recommend you use missed call facility or toll-free number to know your account mini statement easily.

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  1. I am TMB Customer for the past 10 years and still now.
    I need one information from TMB Bank.
    But the toll-free number, mob number one attended my call.

    I think I made a mistake, that is I opened my account in TMB.

    I never recommend any of my relatives, friends, etc.., dont open an account in TMB.

    This is useless…..

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