Federal Bank Mini Statement Toll Free Number

Although the Federal Bank is one of the most popular banks that we have in our country, there are many yet who don’t know what the Federal Bank is or what does it do. Well, for them, we are going to talk a little bit about the Federal Bank.

To be honest, the Federal Bank is a commercial Bank that is known for providing many different types of services that are related to the financial assistance of the people. That is one of the main reasons why the people of our country have bank accounts in the Federal Bank.

Amongst so many different services, some of the most common ones are Savings Accounts, Credit Cards, Loans, and so many other options. All the people have to do is create an account on Federal Bank and they are all set.

There are some other special services that the bank provides and we are going to talk about one such service. It is known as Mini Statement. Now, most of you might ask what a mini statement is. Well, to answer the question, the mini statement is a statement that provides details about the last transaction that you made from your account.

Don’t quite understand what we are trying to say here? Well, let us give you an example. Suppose you have deposited some amount of money into the bank account of yours in the Federal Bank, or you have just taken some money out from the account, so naturally, you would want to see the details of the transaction, right?

Well, with the help of the Federal Bank mini statement number, you can actually do that in the best way. So, the mini statement will provide the details of the deposit or the withdrawal that you made from your account in the Federal Bank.

How To Get The Federal Bank Mini Statement

Now that you know about the Federal Bank mini statement, you need to know how to get that particular mini statement as well. Otherwise, there is no point. Well, there are many different banks that provide this particular type of service. However, for those who want to have the facility for their Federal Bank account, there are certain things that they need to do first.

Federal Bank Mini Statement Toll Free Number

To begin the process, they need to dial the toll free number 8431600600 and give a missed call to the number. However, it is important that their numbers are registered before. After giving a missed call to the number, they will then receive a particular text message that will contain all the details of the transaction.

This is the mini statement that people want to see. So, now that you know how to get the mini statement for Federal bank, you can dial the Federal Bank mini statement toll-free number and get your mini statement at any time. You can also dial the Federal Bank Balance enquiry number to know account balance by a missed call.

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