Bandhan Bank Mini Statement Enquiry Number

We have so many different banks in our country. Some of them are the commercial ones and others are the public sector banks. However, there are quite a few commercial banks that are actually making it big in the country.

One such bank that we are going to talk about today is the Bandhan Bank. Although a new addition to the Banking sector, Bandhan Bank has made quite a name for itself in the banking world.

Providing different services to the people, this bank has made its way through the hearts of the people and is considered to be one of the most popular banks that we have in India today. Well, some of the major services that Bandhan Bank offers are Personal Loans, Financial Assistance, Credit Cards, Online Banking and so much more.

These are the services that are available to the people who have an account in Bandhan Bank. Here in this article, we are going to talk about one particular service that the bank provides its customers with and it is known as a mini statement.

Know All That You Can About Bandhan Bank Mini Statement

One of the most important questions that must be running through your mind has to be what exactly is a mini statement. Well, here we are going to answer this question and provide you answers to some more questions as well.

To put it in simple words, a mini statement is basically a service that tells us about the last transaction that we made from our accounts in Bandhan Bank. Having some trouble understanding what we are talking about? Well, let us provide you with an example to make you clear.

bandhan bank mini statement number

Take a hypothetical situation where you deposited some money in the Bandhan Bank Account that you have or maybe you just took some money out of the same account. So, it is quite natural if you would want to know about the details of the transaction that happened.

This is where the mini statement comes to help you out. The mini statement will have all the details of the withdrawal or the deposit that you have made in the account of yours in Bandhan Bank.

How Does One Get A Mini Statement From Bandhan Bank?

There are many different banks out there that provide the same services of getting the mini statement in order to know about the transaction. However, for those who want to know about the exact procedure of getting the mini statement from Bandhan Bank, here are some things that they need to do.

There is a number provided by the bank and the people who need to get their mini statement need to dial this particular number and give a missed call to the service operator. However, one thing that they need to know before dialling the number is that their numbers need to be registered with the respective bank accounts.

The Bandhan Bank mini statement number is 9223008777. After giving a missed call in this number, there will be an SMS alert on the phone with all the details of the mini statement. Apart from that, the service is completely free as well.


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