SBI Complaint Toll Free Number & Email Address

When we talk about the public sector banks in the country, one of the first names that come to the minds of people would have to be the State Bank of India or the SBI. There is simply not a single speck of doubt about the fact that the State Bank of India is one of the best and the most well-known public sector banks that India has.

The list of leading services that are provided in the bank has no limit for sure. Hence, most of the people in India tend to choose the State Bank of India in order to open up their bank accounts.

There could be many different reasons why the State Bank Of India is considered to be the leading name in the banking sector. The loan services and the financial products offered by the bank are all catering towards making the lives of the customers a little bit easier.

However, the State Bank of India is known particularly for the amazing customer service features that it has. There is no doubt about the fact that SBI has always managed to make banking easier for customers.

Hence the needs and the requirements of the customers are always a priority for the bank. So, for those customers who have some sort of complaint or query to make, there is a separate section in the bank to help them with it.

You can submit a complaint in sbi online by visiting the official link. With the help of these services, the State Bank of India has managed to provide all the important benefits that the customers might need.

Other ways to Making A Complaint Or Query in The State Bank of India

Well, when it comes to making a complaint in the State Bank of India, there are many different people who don’t know about the online services yet. With the help of these services, the lives of people will be a lot easier who have their accounts in this particular bank in our country.

If you are one such person, then you can rest easy knowing that you don’t have to visit the bank every single time you have to make a complaint or query. There is simply no doubt that the services of the State Bank of India are always top-notch.

sbi complaint toll free number

But there are some customers who still have some sort of troubles. The Grievance Department in the SBI is devoted towards solving all the problems of the customers.

In order to avail the services, the user needs to make sure that their numbers are all registered with the account that they have. There is a toll-free number which is provided by the bank to the customers.

SBI Complaint toll free number: 18004253800 or 1800112211

By calling the toll-free number, the users can make sure that their complaints are all registered in the bank. One of the best things about the service is that it is completely free of cost and the users don’t have to come out of their houses in order to get the benefits.

Also, there is an email address [email protected] provided by the bank to the customers where they can email their complaints and get faster solutions.


  1. Sir, I, M Ashok Kumar(Army Veteran) approached my home branch for a life certificate, the concerned person refused to do that. I have sent a complaint on that three times but no proper response from all of your side. Now I have to fwd the same complaint to the finance secretary, RBI and army HQ if it ignores finally. The details of my complaint as under.
    Name Subedar(R) M Ashok Kumar, A/c , Complaint on: Refusal of life certificate, Name Of the official: Mr. Siva Kumar, Branch: SBIN0002266, date of occurance : 11-11-2019, Place : Saidapet bazar branch(Chennai), Reason: He said my Image in PAN card is very old and not clear, but he refused to verify my originals of the following..Pension Payment Order(PPO)(Army), Army pension book, Bank passbook, Aadhaar card, ID card of my ex-serviceman, etc which are having with my high-resolution photos.
    The complaint was raised initially on 11-11-2019. This is my forth time of the same complaint(complaint fwd 2 times to ombadsman and branch manager but no action taken against the person(Mr Siva Kumar of SBIN0002266). Early action is requested please and acknowledge to me. I ever thankful to you Sir on your act.

  2. I just want to know why my balance is deducted in my SBi account 200 for insurance and 200 today deducted. give me reason

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