How to Register Complaint in SBI Online

Each and every bank in India has a procedure to make a complaint through online medium. This saves a lot of time as you do not have to wait on the telephone line or you do not have to visit the branch to get the resolution. State Bank of India is the largest Public Sector Bank in India and also has a procedure to make a complaint online. In this article, we have listed the procedure to register an online complaint with SBI.

Before we proceed, it should be noted that to raise a complaint, you should have an account with SBI and in addition to this, it takes about 7 working days for the bank to completely resolve and close the complaint. So here is the procedure.

Steps to Register Complaint in SBI through Online Medium

Step 1: The first step of the procedure is to navigate to the CMS portal of SBI. If in case you do not have the link to the portal, you may click and you will be redirected to the SBI CMS Portal.

Step 2: In the next step, enter the details like Customer Type, Account Number, Name of Complainant, Branch Code, Mobile number, Email ID, Category of Complaint, Product and description. See below sample image:

register complaint in sbi online

Step 3: After entering all the details, you would have to enter the captcha code and then you can click on the ‘submit‘ button.

Important Notes: On successful submission of the complaint, you will receive a complaint number and it is important for you to note down the complaint number and keep it safe. You will also receive the number through SMS and Email ID which can also be saved by you.

You can also track the complaint online through the CMS portal. You may open the link to be redirected to the portal to check the status of the online sbi complaint.

It is surely very easy to check the status of the complaint and raise a complaint online. If in case you need additional support, you may contact the helpdesk by calling on 1800 112 211 or 1800 425 3800. These are toll-free numbers and you can call them and give them the ticket number to seek the status of the complaint.

If in case you feel that your complaint has not been resolved then it is advisable to follow the escalation matrix in the last scenario, the top level of escalation remains to be the banking ombudsman but remember that the ombudsman is the highest possible level of escalation and you will have to follow the hierarchy before reaching out to ombudsman.


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    Address:- 1194 Hiren Magri Aadarsh Nagar Udaipur Rajasthan Sector No 4
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    Suresh Permanent Mobile Number:-85753522
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  2. Name:- Amit Chaudhary
    Address:- D 4 Mahaveer Complex Haridham Society New Naroda Bapa-Sitaram Chowk Saijpur Bogha, Ahmedabad City, Ahmedabad Gujarat Pincode:-382345
    Complaint:- SBI Bank New Nikol Branch Totally Staff and Bank Manager Fraud And Cheater Illegally work and Missued with another name Person Documents from Bank Manager and Staff
    Other Information:- SBI Bank New Nikol Branch Service is a very Bad not Helping for Customer and Another Name Person Illegally Documents Missued Illegally
    Reference:- Arun Jose V

  3. Name:- Arun Jose V
    Address:- E 371 Haridham Society New Naroda Bapa-Sitaram Chowk Saijpur Bogha, Ahmedabad City, Ahmedabad Gujarat Pincode:-382345
    Reference:- Bupendra Rathod Rajmahendra
    Complaint Note:- SBI Bank New Nikol Branch Totally Staff and Bank Manager Fraud one type of Commission basics through Business Illegally Business.
    So not helping for Customer and Staff and Bank Manager Fraud
    other Information:- SBI Bank Manager another name Person Documents Paper also Illegally Missued . It’s Personal Information Security

  4. Name:- Bupendra Rajmahendra Rathod
    Address:- A 70 Haridham Society New Naroda Bapa-Sitaram Chowk Saijpur Bogha, Ahmedabad City, Ahmedabad Gujarat Pincode:-382345
    Sub:- SBI Bank New Nikol Branch Nobody Help for Customer for SBI Full Staff and Manager are Fraud One type of Commission Accept
    Reference:- Mega Bupendra Rathod
    SBI Bank New Nikol Branch Totally Fraud
    Ladies Staff,Bank Manager and Security also Fraud .(Customer ki koi kuch Sunta bhi nahi hai aur Manager khali bank Paise khane beti hai)
    others Information:- Apna Documents submit kar leti hai Account bhi Turant open karke nahi deti dhaka khilana aata hai one type of Customer ke sath Fraud karti hai Aur Dusre ka Document Missued karti hai

  5. Respected Sir / Higher Authorities/Directors etc

    I am an NRI in Dubai UAE & need to complain against SBI main Branch in Perumbavoor Ernakulam District Kerala & upload some photos as well Its really urgent as I had a very very bad experience with the branch when I visited India an emergency The date Being 27th March & 28th March @ bank timings

  6. My account debited 5000 rupees today pls back my money my account no 621971806 sbin0000916 patny centre branch secunderabad

  7. Dear Sir/Madam,
    An unauthorized transaction for an amount Rs 25000/- was made in my pension account on 17.11.2021 & immediately I have lodged a complaint vide registered No: 73652773. The next day I was visited my Home Branch & Branch Manager told me that it will be resolved by CRM but to date it’s not resolved & the same result is showing as today also as below.
    Complaint/Request Ticket Number: 73652773
    Your Complaint has been routed to Internet Banking for immediate redressal.
    Complaint/Service Request Status/Resolution: Sent to Approve

    • Maine 20 hajar atm se withdrawl kiya jiske 16 hajar rupaye mile 4 hajar rupaye nhi mile maine 10/11/2022 ko 12:20 par transaction kiya ac no 313727880 jisme abhi tak refund nhi hua amount complaint bhi dala lekin kuch nhi hua abhi tak 155186990 kal maine fir dala

      • मेरे साथ भी ऐसा ही हुआ मैंने २००००रू निकाले सिर्फ ५००० रूपये निकले और खाते से पूरे २०००० कट चुके हैं जो आज तक नहीं मिला।

  8. I am a retired staff pensioner. My account no
    624689160 with 20269 branches.My HRMS no.,61190
    My account is debited by Rs.118.00 as ATM card issue charges. Please recredit my account.

  9. Sir me jitendra kumar SBI me Mere Account me Number join nahi krte Online phonepay gpay bnane me bahot Problem ho rahi he

  10. I have done an online transaction from my sbi saving account, now the amount was deducted from my bank, but the transaction failed, how can I claim for a refund anyone tell me pls?

  11. Sir me sarvesh Sharma my account no is 11409400017 .Mera khata sbi madhunagar
    Agra me h. Mene atm ke liye from bhar kr Diya tha.isake regarding benk ka kae baar visit kiya.or benkmaneger se bhi mila.40 days ki chhutti me 3se 4 baar benkmaneger se mila or fon se bhi baat Kiya .bas ek hi baat ab a jayega ab jayega.meri 40 din ki chhutti ese hi chali gayi.ek atm bhi na puchhata Hun bank manager ne mere sath esa kyun Kiya.jai hind..

  12. Sir mere account. Me paise dale banglore se mere account. Me paise nahi aaye and mesage aa gaya aapke ac. Me credit kar diya gaya

  13. I JITENDER KUMAR MY COMP LENT TICKET NO. 5333317597 DT 10.03.2019

  14. This is sheik Mamdani, ac no. 20078459873 I have tried to withdraw the money on 2nd March, unfortunately, amount not received, the amount has been deducted from my salary.

  15. म पंकज पुत्र कमलेश कुमार में एस बी आई बैंक सूरतगढ़ में एटीएम कार्ड के फार्म देने पर ना तो एटीएम कार्ड आया हें और १० दिन का बताते हें और वापस बैंक में पता करते हें जब कहते हें की कैंसिल हो गया लेकिन कोई कारन नहीं बताते हें और फार्म 2-3 बार भरकर आगया हु ना तो साथ में दंग से बात करते हें अत आपसे निवदेन हें की मेरा जल्द से जल्द एटीएम कार्ड पहुचने की कृपा करे और मेरी सिकायत सवीकार करे पंकज शर्मा

  16. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Below transaction has been fraudulent as per details are given below. I have not received any SMS for this. I came to know only when I went to ATM to withdraw money on 15th Night. Then I immediately blocked my ATM card.
    Above captioned transaction have been fraudulent as per details and the same was not done by me and also my debit card is with me only and I have not shared me any card/pin details and I have not received any SMS for the same. I came to know about these withdrawal / Transactions only when I went to ATM to withdraw money on 15.09.2018 Night. Then I immediately blocked my ATM card and very next working day informed my home branch about the same. Pls look and investigate into these.

  17. Sir, unauthorised transaction on 31.12.15 & Dec 17 Rs 7185 & Rs 118.Please refund my amount accordingly Thanks.

  18. Hii
    सर 17/08/2018 को मेने अपने ATM के द्वारा 1500 रुपये निकालने के लिए गोल मार्केट दिल्ली में गया जहां मेरे द्वारा सभी प्रक्रिया किए जाने के बाद पैसे मशीन में काउंट हो रहे थे कि स्क्रीन पर टाइम आउट लिख कर आ गया ओर मशीन बंद हो गई तथा मेरे अकाउंट से जो कि 4753001500016617 है से बैलेंस भी काट लिया गया ओर पैसे भी नहीं निकले
    सर अपसे रिक्वेस्ट है कि उक्त शिकायत की जाच कर के रिफ़ंड करने की कृपा करें

  19. SBI online complaint procedures are hopelessly poor. It does not work. Very tedious to fill in and after multi-trial n wasting hours I could not file complaints online

  20. I have opened my Account on 11.06.2018 but yet now the account and ATM does not work.
    When I meet the Jawahar circle branch Jaipur, they told me that aadhar verification did not done. I resubmit my document but the problem is the same. I am govt servant and this is my salary account, month JUNE -18 salaries credited in this account but I cant withdraw. I am in very difficult and facing major problems …………Please do needfull

  21. Several times contacted branch, but nobody to help regarding net banking kit, kit received also shows invalid ID & password. Also, branch manager made me walk four times to branch saying she has no time. Kit received also shows invalid ID and password. I think branch manager has no interest because I have very less balance in my account. Please help me.

  22. Hopeless complaint site. Tried for 3 days but could not lodge complaints. The site seems to be malfunctioning for making complaints online. Maybe a just deliberate attempt at SBI is unable to solve issues.


  24. My account was debited by sbi home loan racpc jawahar nagar jaipur branch without any prior information and SMS alert. There were, in fact, no dues pending to pay to sbi despite they deducted amount of Rs 8524 from my account and now i am enquiring about it and they are unable to answer any of my queries, in fact, they are denying for any such transactions they made after showing them the bank statement and detail of amount deduction. The deducted amount is not even fetching any detail in my loan account nor in their any account. After all where my money has gone?

  25. Hi,


    I have had Twenty –Five Thousand Rupees (INR-25,000/) in my account including my last month salary and due to some reasons yesterday evening (17th MAY 2018) when I went to withdraw the amount through ATM, believe me, I was totally stunned, there were only Ninety-Eight Rupees (INR-98/-)in my account, However it should be Twenty Five Thousand (25,000/-) and when I have checked the mini Statement it is showing that the first Transition of Ten Thousand Rupees at a time, again ten thousand and at last Five Thousand has been withdrawn from my saving account on 16th May 2018, and after contacting my home branch, Bank Manager has informed me that the money has been withdrawn at Malviya Nagar in Delhi and the Last Transaction is from Defense Colony Delhi on the same day ILLEGALLY, and believe me I didn’t share the pin or card no.with any one and moreover, how the money could be withdrawn in Delhi while I live in Lucknow.
    Ticket No: UA429242887816


    • Ticket Number: UA429242887816

      Product/Services: ATM Unauthorised Txn

      Your Complaint has been routed to Branch: ATM SWITCH CENTRE for immediate redressal.

      Complaint Status/Resolution : Under Process

  26. The services of SBI are not good and also the behavior of the staff SBOP Nalagarh is not co-operative.

  27. सर,
    में दिनाक 15/05/2018 को खुर्सीपार नेहरू स्कूल के सामने से ATM के द्वारा RS 3500/- निकलने हेतु प्रकिरिया किया परन्तु रकम निकलने के पहले बिजली कट गया न वहाँ पर गार्ड है न ही इन्वेर्टर बिजली कि बेवस्था है में बिजली आने तक वहाँ पर दो घंटा इंतजार किया बिजली आया पर मेरा न रकम मिला न खाते में रकम वापस आया पुनः मै अपने ब्रांच गया वहाँ प्रबधक से बात किया ऑनलाइन कम्प्लेन करने कहा कम्प्लेन किया एवम प्रबधक को आवेदन भी दिया यह सब करने में मुझे बहुत कठिनाई का सामना करना पढ़ा मेरा स्वास्थ्य भी ठीक नहीं है
    क्रपया मेरी रकम मेरे खाते में जमा करवाए अतिशीग्र मुझे रकम कि आवस्यकता है
    NANDKUMAR Online COMPLE NO 4370225944 M NO 8349308286

  28. you must give a timeline for each work how much time it takes to make dd 4 to 5 days
    there should be some motivational training program for all staff in sbi they are masters in not to solve problem of people very bad behaviour of staff, not giving any help

  29. मै सुधीर कुमार गुप्ता पुत्र अशोक कुमार गुप्ता खाता संख्या 31606368909 branch code 2537 बन्द हो गया है इसे चालू करने के लिये केवासी फार्म 23-04-2018 को जमा किया था अभी तक अपडे नही हुआ कृपा कर के मेरा खाता चालू किया जाय आप की अतीत कृपा होगी mobile no 9716349817

  30. Even I also faced the same situation that the staff’s behavior is very bad at the customer if you have a doubt they don’t clarify but get angry at them.I have given an application for transferring of my account from Assam to my native place on 28 /03/2018 but it was not solved till date.

  31. I purchased a few items from the shop and use my ATM to pay the bill through PoS machine but unfortunately the payment receipt didn’t come out and at the end I have to pay in cash to shopkeeper but instantly I have received the SMS that my account was debited and even in mail also the debited statement was sent. When I told the shopkeeper that money has been deducted then he told that it will be refunded back within 2-3 days in your account.But I was sure that it will not happen so easily I called up sbi customer-care and they told me that my complaint will get resolved within 45 working days. To deduct the money from customers account is so easy but when it comes to refund back it takes 45 working days!. My ticket number is 4118900670. This link is not working properly……so kindly provide other option to track the complaint.

    NAME: Rahul Chauhan (Mumbai Branch) CELL NO: 8291617590
    REPRESENTATIVE OF SBI BANK I APPLIED for THE CAR LOAN ON 05-03-2018 and in the month of April my 1st instalment is due and as discussed with Rahul he says ECS got activate after 20 to 25 days so your 1st first instalment will cut by your salaried account we said ok
    and with the next 5 days, 2nd instalment cut from ECS account bank
    Mr Rahul using the wrong language with us
    I GUESS IT?S WRONG DECISION MADHURA 9833767367 /9819195283

  33. I have recharge my idea no. 7890669102 through net banking on 22/01/2018 and Rs44 was deducted but my mobile number not get recharged. Pl reverse the amount Rs44.

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