How To Check SBI Online Complaint Status

SBI stands for State Bank of India (स्टेट बैंक ऑफ इंडिया) and it is the largest bank in India. The bank is a government-owned entity and it serves millions of Indian customers. SBI was incepted in 1806 as Bank of Calcutta and with various merger and acquisition, the bank is today known as SBI.

The bank has over 24 thousand branches and over 59 thousand ATMs which helps the bank in transacting with the rural as well as urban population. In addition to this, the bank also has about 200 offices in 37 different countries and apart from this, the bank has over 300 correspondents in 72 different nations apart from India.

There are certainly some cases when we have to raise a complaint with the sbi and we might have to follow up with the customer care for the complaint readdress. There is always an option to contact the SBI Customer Care over the phone and track the status of the complaint but it can also be time consuming.

Usually, State Bank of India inform about your complaint through sms and email. Do you know that you can also check the status of these complaints through an online medium? Well in this article, we have discussed the procedure for checking the SBI Complaint Status through online medium.

But before we go through the procedure, let us check out the issues for which you can raise a complaint

Issues for which Complaint can be raised:

When the balance is deducted from ATM but cash is not received.
When the card or the Net banking gets Blocked.
Loss of Credit or Debit Card and Ordering a Replacement.
Raising dispute in any of the transaction.
Not receiving OTP or communications from Bank.
Being not able to log in on the net banking.
Other banking related issues.

Now you are aware of the issues that can be raised with the bank so let us now also check out the procedure of checking the status of the complaint through online medium.

Method 1: Steps to Check SBI Complaint Status through Online Medium

Step 1: The first step of the procedure is to navigate to the complaint management system of the bank. You can navigate to the portal by clicking

Step 2: Once the website has been displayed, you will notice that there is a space to enter your 'complaint Ticket number'. Enter the 'Complaint Ticket Number' in the box and also enter the 'captcha code' along with the complaint number.

check sbi complaint status online

Step 3: After entering all the details, click on 'submit' button. The complaint status will then be displayed to you.

This is the easiest way to check the status of the complaint and it hardly takes more than a minute to check the status of the complaint through the procedure mentioned above. It also helps you in saving a lot of time as calling the customer care can take longer because of the queue.

Update: 1 Dec, 2017

Method 2: Know your Sbi Complaint Status by Calling Toll Free Number

To Know status of your request, call to toll free number 1800112211 or 18004253800 with complaint ticket number.

So the next time when you raise a complaint, do ensure to take down the complaint reference number. This would help you in tracking the complaint through an online portal and saving time.


  1. My ₹800 has been deducted from my account will the atm transaction has failed due to power off... I registered my complaint 4/9/18 but the money has not refund it exceeds 7 working days..what is going on there in the SBI... No one resolving it... My complaint no is 4724255782...

  2. SBI complaint system is totally useless. Nobody is worried about complaints. There were two fraudulent online transactions from my account. Complaints were lodged under ticket Nod 4558585836 & 4558585791. Message received complaint resolved. But requisite amount still not refunded. Hence SBI is befooling the customers.

  3. My RS 2000 amount deducted on 01/09/18.Atm machine complaint no.47257723453
    But they told 7 days time. still not yet reversed. what should I do?

  4. My 5000 RS debited from my account due to ATM pawer off during withdrawal. I raised the complaint on 13/08/2018 but cash not received to till date.
    My complaint no 4669336012

  5. My complaint ticket no 4650872821. when I sent msg to 567676. it replies Dear Sir/Madam, The complaint with TicketNo 4650872821 is: Recommended for closure by Branch. what is the meaning of this msg

  6. 10000rs debited from my account due to server issue on 20-06-2018 at 9:26 am I've complained my ticket no is 4494068950. An early action is requested.

  7. Rs 10000 is deducted from my account I want to register a complaint with complaint number AP429243540487 but no resolved.

  8. 90000 rs have been debited from my account due to atm server issue on 01 June 2018. COMPLAINT RAISED BUT TILL TIME CASH NOT RECEIVED IN MY ACCOUNT

  9. My ATM-related complaint No AT429241953829 was logged on 06/5/18. when I call customer care they answer me issue will be resolved within 7 days. But, Online status shows that the complaint is under process. Sir, when will it got resolved ??

  10. My complain no AT429240471718 when I sent msg to 567676 it replies your complaint ticket no. Is recommended for closure by the branch what is the meaning of this msg

  11. Have registered the complaint on 16 to May 18
    Debiting ₹7050.00 as Locker rent. Had closed the same on 31/03/18. It is not yet reversed till day. The irony is , have debited rent one more time!! Now my I strongly feel like closing account before they loot again

  12. 10000 rs have been debited from my account due to atm server issue on 01 April 2018. COMPLAINT RAISED BUT TILL TIME CASH NOT RECEIVED IN MY ACCOUNT.

    (Your complaint has been registered with Ticket No: 4086381273. Plz, quote this no. while making an enquiry about your complaint.Expected resolution time is 7 working days.)

  13. sbi sbsy bekaar bank h。。service ni achi .mre account sy paise deduct ho gaye ..roz status k liy call karti sab zero na bank sunta h na koi or

  14. I had registered my complaint but to check the status I didn't got the ticket number coz not yet got any message from them....

    • Download the yono by SBI app...Raise a complaint directly from there u ll get the ticket number.. And it's the easy way to raise the complaint and to get a better response from the bank

  15. My ATM related complaint No 3884459424 was logged on 20/2/18. I got a message from my home branch that issue will be resolved within 7 days. But, Online status shows that the complaint is under process. Sir, when will it got resolved ??


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