How To Track Complaint Status in HDFC Bank Online

In India’s sphere of financial services companies, HDFC Bank Limited is an excellent name as they have made a name for themselves. This bank is placed out of Mumbai, Maharashtra. It was founded in 1994, and currently, it has close to 104,154 employees working under it. HDFC Bank is undoubtedly the most extensive banking services in India’s private sector.

HDFC has an excellent customer support service being a bank of its size. It allows its customers to place a complaint or query if they need to contact the bank representatives for guidance regarding an issue. This entire ordeal falls under the grievance redressal services.

This article will explain how to place a complaint with HDFC and track the complaint’s status in the future.

How To Track Complaint Status In Hdfc Bank

There are three distinct ways to track a complaint in HDFC bank. They are:

– Visiting your HDFC bank branch
– Calling the toll-free customer care number
– Visit the HDFC official website to place a query or complaint.

It is easy to visit one’s bank branch, but it is anything but convenient. Placing a complaint on the website leaves out the need to talk to your banker time and again. The complaint status is displayed on the website if you know where to place a query.

Furthermore, if nothing else works out, you can contact their toll-free customer care number 18002583838 and speak to a professional from the bank office.

Procedure To Track Complaint Status In Hdfc Bank Online

Every time one registers a complaint with HDFC bank, they offer a complaint reference number, which allows one to check the complaint’s status later on if they wish to.

The procedure to check the quality of the complaint is as simple as any other bank in India. However, let us look at how to check the status of a complaint at HDFC bank to know for sure when we need to track a complaint.

  • Visit the HDFC bank’s official website.
  • Once you are on the website, please navigate to the Escalation Desk, which allows one to place a complaint or submit a query form.
  • This page asks you for your details so that the bank knows the complaint is from an authentic user of their bank services.
  • Once you have successfully placed the complaint, you will be given a Complaint Number or Docket Number, which you need to use and reuse to go back to your complaint and track the status.

Track Complaint Status In Hdfc Bank Online

Complaint Toll-Free Number18002583838
Grievance Redressal Toll-Free number18002664060
Email[email protected]

Apart from these two procedures, one can visit the HDFC bank branch and speak to their banker to find out their complaints. Alternatively, you can look at their customer services via their customer care number, where you get to speak to a representative from HDFC.


Follow our given steps and find out the status of your complaint on the HDFC website.

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