How to Register Complaint in Indian Bank Online

Indian bank is one of the biggest banks in India when it comes to the number of accounts that the people of the nation have in the bank. Currently, the bank has 5.76 crores of account holders.

The numbers must have raised many folds ever since. To tackle such a large client base, the bank surely needs a huge staff. Indian Bank, as of now has somewhere around 21,000 employees.

The bank provides commendable service to their customers. However, in some cases when the bank fails to meet the expectations of the clients. In such cases, the customers can raise complaints so that the bank can work on it. So, the bank comes up with better solutions to the problem in the future.

If you are an Indian bank customer who has faced problems with the banking services, then we would like to tell you the different ways through which you can lodge a complaint in Indian Bank.

Below, we would be stating the various ways to submit a complaint in Indian Bank Online. We would also walk you through the website to help you have the best experience as much as possible and you will know exactly how to register your complaint without any hassle.

There are various ways through which one can lodge a complaint in an Indian bank online

Method 1: Using Indian Bank official website online

A customer can log on to the website of the bank, which provides quite a many features to the customer. One of the most prominent ones among the many is the online customer complaint option. Here is how you can go ahead and register a complaint in an Indian bank online portal.

Step 1: Go to the official website of Indian bank by click on

Step 2: Follow Contact >> Customer Supports>>  Customer Complaints and  Click on Customer Complaints which is present on the right pane of the website. A new page opens up.

Step 3: This new page that opens up, has a few options that you might select, depending on the type of problem that you are having.

choose type of complaint in Indian Bank

Step 4: Once you have selected the category of the complaint, a new page would come up.

Step 5: In the new page, select if you are looking for registering a complaint or for knowing the status of your previous complaint. Click on Register A Complaint.

Register Complaint in Indian Bank Online
Step 6: Then, simply follow the instructions, and you will be successfully registered your complaint. Note down the reference number to track the Indian bank Complaint status in the future.

Method 2: Using Indian Bank Toll-free Helpline Numbers

To register your complaint, you would have to call on the helpline numbers. This is simple if you are not looking forward to investing your time on the online platform, then a phone call explaining the problems to the customer care officer would help you resolve the problems that you are facing.

 Indian Bank complaint toll free number

The contact number for customer care are 180042500000 or 18004254422.

Method 3: Using IndPay Mobile App

The bank has an android application which you can simply download in your android device and lodge a complaint. Here are a few steps to help you register your complaint.

Once inside the application, you can check the Complaint Lodgement option. All that you would have to do is to click on that and then go on to follow the instructions to complete the complaint lodging process.

With various processes that the bank has come up with, it has become way easier for the clients to fill in a complaint with the minimum effort and get a great service. Thus, there is no doubt about the fact that the bank is one of the best when it comes to customer satisfaction.


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