How To Get Tin Number In Delhi

For those who want to start their very own business online on platforms such as Flipkart, Amazon, or Snapdeal, it is really important to get a VAT Registration Number which is known as the TIN number in Delhi.

This actually stands for Tax Information Network Number and it can actually help the Income Tax department is doing all the accounting, processing, collection and other things related to the taxes of your business and that too online.

This is one of the easiest and the best ways to start a business venture online and there is no doubt that you need to give this a try. This number is something that every single dealer in Delhi has and you need to get it as well.

Here we are going to discuss how to get the TIN number in Delhi without any difficulty. The application for TIN Number is available offline as well. All you have to do is visit the nearest Tax office that you have and fill-up the form.

However, that is time taking and you can fill out the form online as well. The form is available for downloading and you can fill it up and submit that to the nearest tax office branch that you have. The application can also be mailed online to have the desired results.

Some Documents That You Need

It is really important that the person who is trying to apply for the TIN Number has all the important documents which are essential to submit along with the form. Without these documents, the application form of yours will not be selected for sure.

So, you need to ensure that you have all the documents ready. Some of the documents that you will need are ID proof, PAN Card, Address proof, 4-6 passport size photographs, business premises address proof, proof of the first sale, bank statement, security documents, and other things.

You need to make sure that all these documents are present with you if you want to have the TIN Number of yours.

Process Of Applying For TIN Number

First of all, you need to visit the official site of the branch and then you need to make sure that you have registered with your account. It is here that you are going to find the application form. You can download the form and then fill it or you can fill the form online as well.

There are many different ways of doing that. You will be asked to provide some important information which you have to in case you want to have your TIN Number. Then you need to upload the scanned copies of the documents and submit them in order to get registered.

If you follow all the steps correctly and provide all the documents to the application form, we are pretty sure that you are going to have your TIN number very soon. The process is very easy and it doesn’t even require any additional assistance. You will be able to get your TIN number after the application of yours is excepted by the branch.

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