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Indian bank is a Government bank, which employees a bit less than 21,000 employees as of 2018. The Indian Bank is the most reputed and trusted bank for employees as well as customers. The bank also takes real care of its employees and helps them by providing them with the best facilities. One such facility is the staff log in portal, which makes the entire system way more convenient for the employees.

The company has a dedicated website where the employees can check in their needs. Some of the basic information that one can get in their portal are as follows:

1. Branch Name

An employee can check the branch in which he or she is authorized to carry on his work from the website. This is of great help during the initial days of the job and also when someone gets transferred from one branch of the bank to another branch.

2. Pay Slips and Payment Details

One can check on their payslips online, anytime. It’s easy, it’s simple and it’s very convenient. An employee would have to do to get the payslips and the payment details are to check out for it on the website. This can be an exciting feature at the time of a salary hike. People would love to check the payment that they are getting for their efforts and how it’s been divided and the various other benefits that they are getting from the company.

Indian Bank Staff Self Service Portal

3. Important Notices

An employee can check important notifications and notices from the bank on the portal. This helps them understand the latest policies and features of the bank and act accordingly. This is a good medium for the bank to reach out to its employees anytime when it is in need.

These are some of the most important features that the Indian Bank portal provides to the staff.

If you are an Indian Bank employee and would love to log in your Indian bank Staff portal, then the steps are simple and are listed below:

Step 1: Go to the website: once the website opens, you would see a page asking for your login details. If you are an employee, then no need to worry.

Step 2: For the UserId section, use the e-mail user id that is registered with the Indian bank and enter the password in the Next field.  Next, put up the CAPTCHA. While putting up the captcha, remember that the captcha is case sensitive, hence do take care of the upper case and the lower case characters.

You are now all set to enter your staff portal. Click on Login and you are done. For technical support regarding the Indian Bank Staff portal, you call on 044-28134496 or 044-28134309 from registered mobile number.

Once inside the portal, you can navigate your way across the portal to any details that you might be needing. So, I hope that this article could assist you in the best possible way to log in to your Indian bank staff portal.

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  1. Sir,
    I am a retired staff from INDIAN BANK as on 30/04/2019. I have not used the Indian bank email though I have set once. The mail
    id and password have now forgotten. Kindly help me to reset an ID and password to log in the staff portal of the bank.

    SR No.21759 Retired from PALAI branch, KERALA.

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