Indian Overseas Bank Retired Staff Portal login

Indian Overseas Bank is a national bank that follows the norms presented by the Reserve Bank of India. The bank has been delivering abundantly convenient services and facilities to its customers in the public banking sector.

Working in a bank of this nature and retiring from such work is a huge service. Indian overseas bank acknowledges it and provides many benefits to its retired employees who were forever loyal to their brand and gave their all in the bank’s work.

This article will indulge in the service that Indian Overseas Bank offers to improve its retired employees’ lives.

Indian Overseas Bank Retired Staff Portal

As earlier stated, the Indian Overseas Bank provides extra and innovative services for their retired employees to improve their lives.

A retired employee can obtain these services very quickly. The employee only logs in to the retiree portal of the India Overseas Bank. The login process is simple, and we are going to discuss them later.

These services provided in the said portal are many, and here we are going to discuss them.


Every person who works in a government registered bank is liable to receive a pension after retirement. The same is the way in Indian Overseas Bank. A retired employee has the right to receive a periodical pension after retirement that helps in their living and other expenses. The pension details and further details regarding the pension are available in the pension portal within the retiree portal or Indian Overseas Bank.

Medical Insurance

Every retired employee of the Indian Overseas Bank is eligible for a better medical insurance plan. The employee might already have a medical insurance plan before retiring. So, after retiring, Indian Overseas Bank gives you the chance to opt for a new medical insurance plan that might have better clauses and conditions than the pre-existing ones.

Indian Overseas Bank Retired Staff Portal login

A retired employee can avail of this service by simply logging into the medical insurance for retired employees portal within the retiree portal of the Indian Overseas Bank official Website.

Steps to log in IOB Retired Staff Portal Online

A retired employee, as said earlier, has a lot of additional services. But one might think, does the retired employee need to get the bank from time to time to receive these services and offers. The answer is no.

Any retired employee is eligible for these services, and the process of availing these is simple. One retired employee only needs to login to the retiree portal on the Indian Overseas Bank official website.

The steps to log in are as follows:

  1. Go to the IOB retiree staff portal in the Indian Overseas Bank website.
  2. Log in using your username and password.

The process is simple and very easy to use.


Indian Overseas Bank is a renowned bank and is a government registered. They treat their employees with the utmost respect and compassion. The retired employees of the Indian Overseas Bank are well-taken care of and receive a lot of services from the bank itself.


  1. I am not able to login pensioner portal.
    It says that your mobile number is not registered.
    This time lot of problems Ifaced to login.
    please solve it.

  2. I want the receipt of the premium paid towards the mediclaim policy on roll 1149.

  3. Mu name is Kulasekar R.Roll No:12664.
    I am not able to login. It asked meto create a password and I did so. Its asking me again and again to change password. Help me out.

  4. It is a good service done by Indian Overseas Bank but the only thing that the grievances which we are posting in Retirees Portal have not answered ant generally it is marked open. regards

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