How to Know Account Holder Name By Bank Account Number

There are times when you just cannot remember the account name and have the account number. The steps below in this article will help you figure out how and when you are able to find the account holder’s name from the bank account number.

First, it has to be kept in mind that this method is not possible for all banks. Some banks only allow you to get the owner’s name from the bank account.

These steps are simple and easy to follow and should be used for information purposes only. The article has been created for knowledge and not for any unethical or fraudulent activities.

Two Ways to Know account Holder name from bank account number

1. Using the Cash Deposit machine method

  • First and foremost, you need to go to the Bank of the person whose account name you want to find.
  • Inside the bag, you need to locate the cash deposit machine.
  • You need then to input the account number on the cash deposit machine.
  • The machine will then display the account holder’s name.
  • However, these steps may vary from bank to bank. This means that the stage at which you will see the account holder’s name get displayed on the machine’s screen will not be the same for every Bank.
  • An example of this is that some banks will require you to enter the account number and then deposit the cash. The machine will then count the notes, and before the whole transaction gets completed, it will display the account holder’s name.
  • You may cancel the transaction process at the last step to get your cashback.

Important Note: In the SBI cash deposit machine, Follow “Cardless Deposit >>Langauage >> Your Mobile Number >>Account Type >> Beneficiary Account Number“, account holder details will be displayed on the screen.

Know Account Holder Name By Bank Account Number

2. With the help of internet banking

  • To use this method, you have to account in the same bank as the account holder whose name you want to figure out.
  • Open the internet banking link of your bank. Complete the login process.
  • You need to click the fund transfer option then.
  • You would then have to add a new beneficiary/payee. The same bank is required because the beneficiary or payee has to be within the same bank.
  • Next, you need to enter the account number whose account holder’s name you want to figure out.
  • The account holder’s name will be displayed on your screen. You can quickly get the beneficiary name as recorded by the bank.
  • Just click the Cancel button to end the process right then, or you can add the payee if you want to.


Both the cash deposit machine using the method and the internet banking method is effective. They will help you quickly figure out the account Holder’s name from the account number.

You should use these two methods for information purposes only. These methods are not illegal; however, be aware that fraudulent people can use such steps for illicit activities.

Please keep in mind that the ideal way to figure out the account name is to ask the person who gave you the account number.


  1. I have made online payment through Bank A/c No. & IFS Code which is refundable to me. Now he is refusing to refund my paid money. So I want his postal address so that I could collect money from him.

    • Same problem one fraud person wants money from me he collects money rs 35000 but he does not attend the call so how to find address

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