How to Find Bank Branch Name From Account Number

Are you finding it hard to know the bank branch name but only has the account number, then you shouldn’t be worried about it as with the account number, you get the IFSC code, which helps you quickly get the IFSC code. This helps you to locate the bank branch quickly.

What is the IFSC code?

IFSC stands for Indian financial system code. It is the unique eleven-digit number that comprises of numbers and alphabets. This is used for transferring the funds through online IMPS, NEFT, and RTGS transactions. The code is readily available on the bank cheque book, which is provided through your bank. This is available on the account holder passbook front page.

The Reserve Bank of India provides the IFSC code of every bank. It is provided for internet banking transactions. The NEFT, IMPS, and RTGS could not be done without IFSC Indian Financial System Code.

The IFSC code, once provided to the bank it is not changed or updated, but recently State Bank of India has changed its IFSC code for every branch all over the country due to its merger with five associate banks and one other bank.

IFSC Code Importance

Unique Identification

The importance of the IFSC code is its unique identification. Through an IFSC code, it makes it easier to identify the bank or search the Bank IFSC Code.

Elimination Errors

Through the IFSC code, it eliminates any discrepancy in the fund transfer process.

Easy for online payment

IFSC code has made it easier for electronic payment through NEFT, IMPS, and RTGS.

How an IFSC Codework?

Any electrical fund transfer is done using an alphanumeric code known as the IFSC code (Indian Financial System Code). This code recognizes every bank branch, which participates in two main settlement and India payment systems such as the National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) and the real-time gross settlement (RTGS). The code was provided through the Reserve bank of India.

How to search bank branch Name through the IFSC code of bank account?

Through an IFSC code, you can easily find out your bank branch. The 11 digit IFSC code provides you with the bank branch by visiting the official bank website or calling their helpline number.

You provide them with the IFSC code, and they will share with you the bank branch. You can also find the bank branch through the Reserve bank of India website to get the bank list with their IFSC code. You can also find the IFSC code through another website like policy bazaar, which provides the bank branch location through an IFSC code.

When you provide the bank code and search for the bank branch on the bank website, you will quickly get the bank branch’s full details. For example, here we are searching SBI bank branch using IFSC code. You can also search by branch code or pin code of that area.

Steps to SBI Branch Name Online

Step 1: First Visit the SBI branch locator

Step 2: In the Search option, choose ‘IFSC code‘ and ‘equal to‘ as shown in the image below.

branch name search sbi

Step 3: Enter the IFSC code and captcha code, branch name will be displayed on the next screen with other details.

branch name by account number online

The IFSC code is designed with the first part of the IFSC code consist the four-letter of the bank, the next digit is zero, which are reserved for use in the future, and the last part is the sixth digit, which provides the identification of the bank branch, every branch is provided with specific code which is used in the IFSC code of the bank.

The bank account comes with the IFSC code, making it easier to locate the bank branches, and also, it is essential for the online truncation. Without it is impossible to do an electronic transaction.


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