How to Get 12 Digit PPO Number By Account Number

PPO number stands for Pension Payment Order number, which consists of a combination of 12 unique numbers. PPO number is extremely important and crucial for people who decide to retire or have already retired from work. This generally is needed to receive the pension after retirement.

EPFO usually handles the PPO number department. PPO number is required when an individual decides on the withdrawal of the reserved money after retirement to check the status of the PPO.

After a person’s retirement, the Employee’s Provident Fund Organizations dispatches a letter to all the people who retired that has the PPO number disclosed in it. That unique number is known as the PPO number.

Steps to Get PPO number by Account number

It is extremely easy to discover the PPO number. The process of knowing a PPO number if an individual has misinterpreted or forgotten it is very simple. One can attain it seamlessly from their bank account number or, for an alternative, through using their user ID.

There are three simple and easy steps to get hold of the PPO number, and they are listed below-

Step 1: The first step includes visiting the website of EPFO, which is

Pensioners' Portal link

Step 2: The second step includes the selection and clicking on the word ‘Pensioners Portal‘. This is available to the users on the left-hand side of the website’s page under the option of online services.

know your ppo no

Step 3: The third step is easy and needs an individual to select the option of knowing your PPO number, which is generally available on the pensioners portal’s welcome page.

ppo number search by account number

Step 4: In the fourth step, an individual needs to enter the bank account number they have linked with the pension to get hold of the PPO number. Enter the bank account number and click the search button. PPO no, Member ID, name, and type will be shown on the next page.

ppo number

Through this very simplified and easy guideline and steps, one can get access to their PPO number, their member ID, and know more about their pension.

Get PPO Number By Member ID Search

The first 3 steps are the same, you have to choose the member ID option in the 4th step. Choose your state code and enter member id, hit the search button. PPO number and name will be displayed on the next page.

ppo number by member id

As an easy alternative method, one can skip the above steps and directly find URL links on Google when they look up to jump into the option of entering the bank details.

Through the various links available, an individual can also avail of various other services like the status of their pension, the type of pension, and even enquire about Jeevan Praman Scheme.


The online platform has made downloading and availing the pension services a lot smoother and easier. There is a new initiative taken by the government as they have launched a platform called Digilocker. It is nothing but a similar google drive concept, where an individual can upload and store important and crucial documents.

These reflect the various different documents that are digital and are government documents. This helps to keep track and store their PPO document anytime for use and access. PPO number is of utmost importance to those who are planning to take rest from their career or have already retired and hence should always be reserved for one to avail the proper benefits of it.


  1. Hi,
    You have mentioned 2 ways to get PPO numbers in the EPFO portal, But even after providing the right Member ID/ Bank account number details, there are no results shown.
    If there is any other way to find the PPO number can u please let me know because I have 15 more days to get retired and I have to apply for my pension?

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