How to Find J&K Bank 16 Digit Account Number

J&K Bank (जम्मू & कश्मीर बैंक) is a leading private sector universal bank in the state of Jammu & Kashmir and also a specialized bank in the country. To continue its banking business, the Reserve Bank of India has declared the bank as a private sector bank and the bank is working as an agent to maintain the banking business.

The bank also carries out Central Government’s banking business. The bank has its registered office and corporate headquarters in Jammu & Kashmir. The bank provides financial services to its customers at an international level. It also works as a super-specialist bank in the country.

To maintain full security of the customer’s account, the bank provides 16 digits account number which provides a unique identity that contains multiple information like the bank’s branch, account type, and account number.

Method 1: Finding of J& K bank 16-digit account number is not tough to work at all. There are multiple ways to find this number. The simplest way is that sign into online banking, select your account type, and click on the online statements link from the account activity page. Now, click on the print statement link. The full account number will be viewed in the top right corner of the statement.

Method 2: JK Bank 16 Digit Account Maker App may also help you find the account number. This app shows you your 16-digit account number of yours from information that you have entered about the last digits of the account, branch name, and also the type of account. This app will provide the information on the basis of the information you have input on the App.

Note: One important point to remember is that you should recheck the number generated by the bank and use it for the transaction. The wrong information with the number may generate wrong information and erroneous transaction on behalf of the customer.

Disclaimer: We shall not be held responsible for any mistakes/errors in the app that may lead to wrong information or erroneous transaction on part of the user. Downloading and using the app indicates that you have read and accepted this condition.


  1. I want to know 16 digits account number I know only the last four digits.
    A/c no. 27009

  2. My fone is Samsung z2 I don’t have this app please anyone can help me with searching 16 digits account number.

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