How to Open Bank of Baroda Statement PDF Password

In today’s time, security is the key that is opted by banks to protect their users from any kind of fraud. The users immediately share their important passwords with anyone at any time. Moreover, banks can never prevent the users from sharing any passwords with any anonymous persons which lead to the hacking of the security system made by the banks. This results in loss of their crucial information and may also result in loss of some amount.

Therefore, to prevent this the banks have come up with a solution of protecting the PDF file with a password. This password is utilized to open the PDF format of the file relating to the bank statement or some details of the user’s account. Banks send password-protected files to their existing customers to prevent any loss of information in PDF format. In addition to this, they send a mail to the registered mail ID of the bank customer stating the method to open the file.

However, sometimes the customers miss this information and are not able to see the information related to their bank accounts. This leads to several problems and they are not able to track the transactions of a particular period. It also provides help to the user as he/she can download the statement and save it on his/her device and keep a record of the same. It is available for at least 6 months on the device of the user.

Steps to open the Bank of Baroda PDF file Password

This is an easy way to open a pdf file with a password from the Bank of Baroda. You just need to follow these simple steps:

  • First of all, you need to open your email where the statement has been sent to you by the bank.
  • Thereafter, you will find a pdf file format of the statement from the Bank of Baroda. As soon as you will click on the pdf format a pop will show.
  • The message will say “The file is protected.” Below this message, you will see a blank space asking for the password.
  • The bank usually sends a message to the user wherein the instructions to open the pdf file are given clearly. The user needs to follow them diligently. The user needs to have the first four characters of his/her name. The characters must be in lowercase.

Bank of Baroda Statement PDF Password

  • In addition to this date of birth is also required to be filled in as a part of the password. Herein only the date and month in which the user is born are utilized for the password. The year of birth is to be ignored for this part.
  • For eg, if the user’s name is AYUSH and his date of birth is 1st January 1991 then the password will be ayus0101.
Customer Name Date of Birth PDF Password Format
Amit Kumar 12-12-2001 amit12112
Sunil Verma 03-06-1999 suni0306
Sumitra Kumari 11-07-1989 sumi1107

Important Note: In case you do not wish to use your name and date of birth as the password to open the PDF file you can also make use of your customer ID to open the PDF file. The customer ID is available in the bank passbook.

In case you do not have the passbook handy you can get in touch with customer care on the toll-free number of the bank and they will help you get your customer ID. Or you can make use of the bank application and by logging in to it you can find your customer ID.


By using these methods you can get your PDF password and open the protected file. The PDF file format has become so popular method of sharing important data since the 1990s. Nowadays banks have opted to use it in a more secure form to prevent any online theft or fraud with the information of the user.

This is the reason why they use PDF files that are password protected to share information about the user’s account. It also helps in maintaining the privacy of the user’s transactions and hiding their financial activity from everyone.


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