How To Open Federal Bank Statement PDF Password

With the increasing pollution, it is a great alternative taken by banks to issue e-statements on the registered mail IDs of the users. This helps in developing a secured way to receive monthly statements electronically. It also helps in keeping a track of the transactions made by the user. This also saves a lot of paper which otherwise goes waste in receiving the statement in physical form.

With the increasing incidents of theft and fraud, it is better to make use of electronic mediums to receive the statement as they require a certain set of passwords to open thereby making them secured and easy to use. All the savings, current ODCC customers holding accounts in their respective banks can register themselves for receiving e-statements.

Usually, banks keep a password for opening the PDF file of the bank statement of the user. It is because uses safety is their priority and they do not want anybody else to login into the user’s account and get onto his or her details. While opening a bank account with Federal Bank they ask for the user’s email ID for any further contact or exchange of information through the bank.

The same medium is used by the Federal Bank to state in the form of a PDF and it is sent to the user registered email ID. As soon as the PDF format of the Federal bank statement is downloaded it asks for a password. This file is an encrypted one, thus it needs a specific password for opening the file. This password is known as a bank statement PDF password.

Steps for Opening Federal Bank Statement PDF Password

By following these steps the user will be able to open the PDF password easily on their device. These steps are:

Step 1: Open your registered e-mail ID. Search for any mail from the bank which mentions PDF form of Federal Bank statement. Open the mail from the bank and download the PDF format of the bank statement.

As soon as the user will click on the attached statement file, it starts downloading. Once the downloading of the file finishes, it asks for a password known only to the user.

federal bank statement pdf password

Step 2: The user needs to fill in a few details to get the password right. This includes the name and date of birth of the user. For eg; if the user’s name is Aditya Singh and his Date of birth is 01-01-2000, then the first four alphabets of the user’s name are in the capital and the day and month of the user’s birth date will be utilized.

In this case, the password will be ADIT0101. As soon as these details are filled in the given space, the PDF file opens and the user can check all the details of his/her Federal bank account statement.

These easy steps are needed to be followed to get all the details of the Federal bank statement in PDF format. It is a very secure process and the user’s details are safe to use.


  1. The password mentioned is not working it shows incorrect password every single time ! please fix the issue !
    I’m unable to open the statement I’ve downloaded via the fed mobile app !

  2. I want to change my mobile number which I registered there bcz it’s not active now… Because I changed the country for my job

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