How to Open KVB Bank Statement PDF Password

Technology has taken over the world through the internet which has become a boon to the world, especially in recent times. No doubt, it has improved everyone’s life in many ways. Alternatively, it has led to simpler and secure ways of banking services.

KVB Bank offers a variety of services to its customers. Moreover, just like other banks this bank also sends a PDF at regular intervals on the registered email ID or registered mobile number of the customers.

However, this PDF format is not like the normal PDF file so it cannot open in a normal way like other files by clicking the open option. Unless you know the way, being a user you will not be able to access the transaction summary of your account. Additionally, you may miss some important information with regards to your account which a bank sends in the form of an E-statement.

The banks have to follow this protocol of having a password for the security of the user’s account and this practice makes it quite safe to use it anywhere. The PDF downloaded on the device remains for a certain period in the user’s device, so it cannot tamper.

If the user downloads a PDF viewer on their mobile or laptop they can open this encrypted file very easily. When the user clicks on the PDF format of the KVB Bank statement a message pops up. This message shows ‘This file is protected’, which means it cannot be opened without entering the correct KVB Bank Statement PDF password.

Open KVB Bank Statement PDF Password

Steps of Opening KVB Bank Statement PDF Password

By following these simple steps the user can easily open the bank statement in a secured form such that it stays with him in his device. These are the steps:

  • Firstly, the user needs to download the PDF format of the KVB bank statement on his device; be it mobile or laptop.
  • Then the user needs to open the downloaded file of the KVB bank statement.
  • As soon as the user clicks on the file It requires a password which is the customer ID of the user. It is mentioned in the passbook of KVB bank that the user gets when he opens an account with KVB bank.
  • In case the user does not have his passbook he can contact the bank customer care and the bank officials can help him get the same.
  • As soon as the user enters this information in the given blank and clicks on the open tab, the PDF opens in the mobile or laptop and the user can see the PDF format of the KVB bank statement.


In this way, by following the above steps it is quite easy to obtain the PDF of the KVB Bank Statement. It is a quite secure and professional approach towards securing the account of the user.

Moreover, it also saves a lot of time as the user need not rush to the bank every time to have information of his bank details. For this, they do not need to bear a fee that is required by the bank to state the user’s account details. Thus this facility has added some convenience to the user.


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