How to Open Equitas Bank Statement PDF Password

Equitas is a small finance bank that has recently come under the category of scheduled banks after receiving a license from the Reserve Bank of India. It is a safe option for investment for anyone who is not in a mood to take any market risk and is expecting a higher return on investment. Equitas bank provides lucrative offers on deposits which is making it popular among the public. Besides, the bank has also taken steps to maintain secrecy and provide all facilities to its users creating a safe environment for them.

Nowadays, banks have also started a secured system of sending bank statements of the user in the form of PDF, in their registered email accounts. The user needs to open their registered email id and search for or any email from the Equitas bank. As soon as the email is located, the user needs to click on it and open it.

After clicking on the email the user can see the information about his bank statement. If you further scroll on the email you will find the required steps to open the e-mail and get to your bank statement PDF password. The user needs to click on the attachment sent with the mail by the bank. As soon as he clicks it, a pop-up will be shown on the screen asking to enter the password. It will show a message that the file is protected.

The password to open this file is quite simple but the user must know the correct form to open the PDF file securely. The user needs to make use of the date and month of his date of birth. Besides this, he also needs the first three alphabets of his registered name in the bank. The alphabets of the name must be in capital alphabets.

Equitas Bank Bank statement password

After entering this information the user must click on the open tab. This will take the user to another window showing the bank statement in PDF format. The user can save it on his device for further use as well. It will enable the user to keep a track of his transactions. This also mentions the details about the KYC of the user and other details related to his bank account.

Example: We can also take an example to show you what exactly is Equitas is bank statement PDF password. For example, if the user’s date of birth is 15.06.1988 and his name is Mr. Chetan Kumar, then His password for opening the PDF format of bank account will be, 1506CHE.

As soon as the user enters this password the PDF format of the bank account will open and the user will be able to access all the information disclosed by the bank in the form of the statement.


Banks have paved a simple way by using effective technology to cater to the needs of their customers. Along with ease of credit and expertise of its staff, security is also a good point to look for before opening an account with a particular bank. A bank that keeps itself and its operations up to date and provides ease of operations to its customers without the loss of time is appreciated by its customers.


  1. what is my Equitas bank statement PDF password last four days I am trying but it’s not getting open send me my password.

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