2 Ways to Find BO ID in Angel One Broking Online

Angel Broking Limited is an Indian stockbroker company, which is now known as Angel One Limited. This company is a depository participant with Central Depository Services Limited (or CDSL).

Angel One Broking has now been one of the biggest retail broking houses in India and provides various financial services to its clients on National Stock Exchange (NSE) through its digital platforms, such as Stock Broking Services, Financial Advisory Services, a short-term loan facility, which is known as Margin Funding, Loan Against Shares and Stocks, Financial Product Distribution Services to its clients, such as distribution of a company’s payment or a mutual fund’s payment of stock, or cash, and other payouts, which means the expected financial returns or monetary disbursements from investments to its shareholders.

What is the BO ID in Angel One Broking?

The Beneficiary Owner Identification Number (or BO ID) in Angel Broking or Angel One is a 16-digit number, which consists of 8 digits of DP ID and eight digits of the unique customer’s Client ID.

You can see your BO ID, which is displayed under the profile section of the Angel Broking app. or its website platform. If you check and view the Demat statement of the customer, there also you can find the BO ID.

If you are looking for how to find your Angel One BO ID, don’t worry about that. In this post, we are going to provide you with two ways to find your BO ID in Angel Broking. You can follow the below described simple and easy steps, such as:

1. Find BO ID Via Angel One Broking Website

This method discusses the way to find BOID on the Angel Broking website. Here’s how:

Step 1. Go to Angel Broking’s official website, which URL is “https:/www.angelone.in.” Click on the “LOGIN” option at the top right corner of your device screen, then login to your account using your phone number or client Id. To login to your angle one demat account, you have to enter OTP sent to your registered mobile number or email as well as a four-digit pin.

angle one login

Step 2. After that, a new page will open up before you click on the “Account” option at the top right of your screen. Then Scroll down to the bottom and click the ‘profile‘ option.

account profile angle one broking

Step 3. Now, a new interface will open up before you, where you will see a 16-digit number DP ID under the name and client ID. This number is your BO ID.

bo id angle one

You can use this BO ID to generate your “CDSL TPIN.” You should know that “CDSL TPIN” is a security mechanism, and it is essentially required for quick authorization of all the Demat account-related actions.

2. Find BO ID Via Angle One App

This method discusses the way to find BO ID on the Angel One Broking mobile application. Here’s how:

Step 1. Download and install the Angel Broking application from your mobile phone play store and open the app., then enter all the necessary information like mobile number, OTP, and 4-digit PIN to get logged in.

angle one app login

Step 2: Now click on the Account option from the bottom of the app.

account angle one app

Step 3. Click on the Name profile icon at the upper left corner of your mobile screen.

name profile icon angle one app

Step 4. Now, a new page will open up before you. Here you will see your name and client id on the upper side of your mobile screen. After that, you can see a 16-digit number under the heading of the “DP ID.” This number is your BO ID.

bo id in angle one app

You can use this BO ID to generate your “CDSL TPIN.” So this way, you can quickly learn the two ways to find a BO ID in Angel Broking easily.

The Top Thoughts To Conclude

Hopefully, after carefully reading this article till the end and following the instructions described here, you will have quickly learned about finding BOID in Angel One Broking.

You should know that Angel Broking is one of the most popular, leading, and trusted brands in India. It has advanced customer-friendly trading platforms. It is considered to be a new investment vehicle that is based on Artificial intelligence (or ARQ). In addition, it has a well-experienced professional team of Research Analysts that provides research reports and helpful tips to its clients.

However, its minimum brokerage charges are slightly higher as compared to the other retail brokerage houses.

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