Bharat Gas Booking WhatsApp Number

Most people in India are commonly using LPG for the purpose of cooking food, heating their houses, and getting hot water in winter. The term LPG stands for Liquid Petroleum Gas, which is a flammable gas. For domestic and commercial use, LPG is easily transported in gas cylinders. LPG is preferred to other ways of heating due to some advantages, such as it is having more calorific value at minimum cost, which means it has better heating value as compared to charcoal, wood, natural gas, or other traditional fuels at a lower cost.

LPG burns cleaner than other fuels. Because it has low sulfur content, low black carbon emissions, and no ash remaining after burning. LPG cylinders can be efficiently delivered to you throughout the country and conveniently stored in your household.

Bharat Petroleum Corp Ltd, which is also known as BPCL, is the second-largest oil marketing company in India. BPCL is one of the LPG providers supplying LPG products in the Indian market. Bharat Gas is the LPG brand available for their customers all over the country.

BPCL offers many flexible and convenient ways of booking your refill gas cylinders, such as online logging into the Bharat Gas official portal “ > User,” or sending a text message from your registered mobile number to Bharat Gas Online Booking Number, or you can also book your Bharat Gas refill cylinder through Interactive Voice Response System (or IVRS), or you can book your Bharat Gas LPG Refill Cylinder using a Mobile App on Android & iPhones too.

However, you should know that from 20/05/2020 onwards, BPCL has introduced a WhatsApp Business channel for all their customers to facilitate a more convenient way of booking a Bharat Gas refill cylinder.

In this article, we will provide you with complete information and simply guide you on how you can book a Bharat Gas refill cylinder using its official WhatsApp number 1800224344.

Bharat Gas Booking WhatsApp Number

 Bharat Gas Whatsapp Booking process

If you are a registered customer of BPCL and are using Bharat Gas refill cylinders for your residential heating needs, but for some reason, you are still booking a gas cylinder through one of the available ways but not through the WhatsApp number (which is more convenient, faster and easier than all the other ways), so don’t worry. Just keep reading this post till the end. Simply follow the below-written simple and easy steps, such as follows:

Step 1. First of all, type and save the BPCL Smartline number: 1800224344 on your registered mobile number. This number is the Bharat Gas WhatsApp number. After that, you must open the WhatsApp app. on your mobile phone. Next, open the WhatsApp chat and send a message “Hi” on the BPCL Smartline number 1800224344. Next, it will ask you to choose a language, type “1” for English.

say hi to bharat gas booking

Step 2. Next, you will see a numbered list of many options on a fresh interface, such as 1. Book Cylinder 2. UFill- The trusted way to fuel 3. Loyalty Programs and Offers…. and so on. Now, to book an LPG cylinder, you must type “1” in the message box and send it.

book cylinder bharat gas on whatsapp

Step 3. Next, you will see a list of instructions on your mobile phone, such as 1. Booking for self  2. Booking for others …. and so on. Now, to book an LPG cylinder for yourself, you must type “1” in the message box and send it.

booking for self bharat gas whatsapp

Once done, you will receive a message on your mobile phone showing the confirmed refill order booking number against your consumer number and the name of your distributor agency.

Additionally, you will also receive a link through which you can make payment for the LPG cylinder. So this way, you can easily and quickly learn about how you can book a Bharat Gas LPG refill cylinder using the Whatsapp number.

Services Number
Bharat Gas booking Number WhatsApp 1800224344
Bharat Gas booking through SMS 7715012345 or 7718012345
Bharat Gas booking through IVRS 7715012345 or 7718012345

Best Of Thoughts In Conclusion

Hopefully, by going through the critical information and easy instructions provided in this article, you will have quickly and easily learned the process of how you can book a BharatGas LPG refill cylinder by using a Whatsapp number.

However, if you are still facing some sort of inconvenience or difficulties, or you are growing anxious to quench some queries and doubts, or having any problems and issues regarding booking an LPG cylinder through the Bharat Gas official Whatsapp number, then you must contact the BPCL Customer Care SmartLine Toll-Free number; 1800224344. Their Customer Care support team will shortly guide you through to sort out the matter appropriately and satisfactorily.

In addition, you can also make a call on BPCL Customer Care SmartLine to use as an Emergency Helpline 24×7 anytime to avail of their quick help in case of Gas Leakage.

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