How To Book HP Gas Through SMS Or Call

Gas is something that we all tend to need most of the time in order to do so many different things. Take any household in India and you will see that gas is one of the most used things that you can find.

People tend to use the gas cylinder for cooking and hence it is really important to make sure that people always have the gas cylinder in their homes. This is exactly what we are going to discuss and much more so that you can have a better understanding. So, without wasting any more of your precious time, we would get on with the article so that you can have all the details.

Introduction To Hindustan Petroleum Gas

If you are a resident of India then there is a chance that you have heard about Hindustan Petroleum Company Limited and it is known as HPCL. This is a company which was introduced in the year 1579 and has been an important provider of gas to the people who are in the houses these days.

There are more than 33 million customers that HP gas has and there is no doubt that the demand is still increasing with the passage of time. Not just that but there are about 2630 distributors present for the Hindustan Petroleum Gas Company.

So, in case you want to make sure that you have gas from HP in your home, you need to read the rest of the article for sure. Here we are going to talk to you about gas booking with HP and that too with the help of an SMS.

HP GAS IVR Numbers For different states:

State HP Any time Phone number
Andhra Pradesh 96660 23456
Assam 94015 23456
Bihar 94707 23456
Jharkhand 89875 23456
Delhi & NCR 99909 23456
Gujarat 98244 23456
Haryana 98129 23456
Himachal Pradesh 94184 23456
Jammu & Kashmir 90860 23456
Kerala 99610 23456
Karnataka 99640 23456
Maharashtra & Goa 88888 23456
Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh 96690 23456
Odisha 90909 23456
Punjab 98556 23456
Rajasthan 78910 23456
Tamil Nadu 90922 23456
Puducherry 90922 23456
Uttar Pradesh 98896 23456
Uttar Pradesh (W) 94126 23456
West Bengal 90888 23456

How to Book HP Gas with an SMS?

We completely understand that booking the LPG gas with the help of an SMS can be a tedious and difficult task for sure but we are here to assure you that HP is something which has made things a lot simpler and that too in the best way.

So, you can actually put your faith in HP so that you are able to make the booking as soon as possible. This is one of the most important things that you have to keep in mind when you are trying to book the gas with the help of a phone number. We are pretty sure that it is going to be the best help for you.

There are certain things that you can do in order to get a refill for the HP gas that they have and that too with the help of an SMS. Above IVR contact numbers are provided to the customers from the HP GAS company.

If you are a new user, then you have to register your mobile number one time to activate this facility. For registration, type HP DistributorPhoneNumberWithStdCode ConsumerNumber and send it to HP ANY TIME Number of your State from the above table. It is a one-time registration process, you will get a successful registration message after sending the above SMS.

For Refill Booking through SMS, Type HPGAS and send it to HP ANY TIME No. of the State. You will receive an SMS confirming the Booking of refill cylinder with booking reference number.

The customers should send the message along with the right code in order to get the reply back. Their confirmation will be done after the message has been delivered.

How to Book HP Gas By call?

For unregistered customer

  • Make a call to the HP AnytimeIVR Number.
  • Select the language option
  • Now Enter the dealer landline number without STD Code
  • Next Enter the consumer Number
  • Now Enter 1 for book refill.

If the gas booking has done successfully, then the IVR System will play the booking number and ask for set the called number as personal registration. Now, Your mobile number can be registered by pressing 1.

how to book hp gas by sms or call

For registered user

  • Make a call to IVR Number and Confirm your consumer number
  • Enter 1 for book refill
  • If the booking has done successfully, then the IVR System will give you the booking number. Note down the booking number. You will receive a confirmation message with the reference number to your registered mobile number.

Important Note: One of the main things that people have to keep in mind is that this is a service that is available or all HPGas Customers of all states. So, before you actually go ahead and try out this method, you have to find our right IVR contact number for your location.

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