HP Gas Booking WhatsApp Number

Liquefied petroleum gas, which is also known as LPG Gas, is a flammable gas. LPG is used for domestic use as well as for industrial use. It is an economically cheaper option with better heating capacity as compared to other traditional fuels like coal, wood, natural gas, or other available conventional fuels. LPG has low sulfur content, low black carbon, and other harmful emissions.

It burns cleaner than other fuels. Therefore, it is an excellent, environmentally friendly, and very convenient fuel to cook food, heat houses, and get hot water in less time as well as a minimum maintenance cost is required using LPG. So it is very commonly used for domestic heating purposes.

Hindustan Petroleum Company Limited, which is also known as HPCL, was launched in 1979. HPCL is one of the LPG providers supplying LPG products in the Indian market, and it has a vast network to serve its customers to cater to their LPG demand throughout the country. HP Gas is a product brand of HPCL.

HPCL provides you with various options to book HP Gas refill cylinders such as: through the “HP Pay Mobile App.” and “Umang Mobile App.” on Android & iPhones, through “HP ANY Time,” which is an Interactive Voice Response System (or IVRS), through a missed call from your registered mobile number, through the HP Gas official Website: www.myhpgas.in, through “Customer Service Centers,” through “HP Gas Distributorship” and also through recently introduced a WhatsApp Business channel, which is more relaxed, can be used more quickly, and more conveniently as compared to all the other available ways for booking an HP Gas refill cylinder.

Through this article, we are going to provide you with the necessary information and some easy steps to guide you on how to book an HP Gas refill cylinder through the official WhatsApp number 9222201122.

HP Gas Booking WhatsApp Number

HP Gas Whatsapp Booking process

If you are enrolled as a registered customer of HPCL and are using HP Gas refill cylinders for your day-to-day household heating needs, but for some reason, you are still continuing to book an HP Gas refill cylinder through one of the available ways but not through the HP Gas WhatsApp booking number, then you should know that you are missing the way, which is more convenient, quicker and easier to use as compared to all the other available methods.

But you need not to worry. Stay tuned with us and keep reading this post till the end. You can follow the below-described simple and easy steps, such as follows:

Step 1. First of all, type HP Gas WhatsApp number: 9222201122 on your registered mobile number and save that number. After that, you will have to open the WhatsApp app. on your mobile phone. Then, open the WhatsApp chat and send a text message “Hi” on the HP Gas WhatsApp number: 9222201122.

say hi hp gas booking

Step 2. Next, click on the Menu option, then you will have to select the “HP GAS” option.

hp gas booking whatsapp

Step 3. Next, you will see your consumer ID and a confirmation message on your mobile phone that you are a registered user of HP Gas. Now, you can make LPG cylinder bookings, make payments or enquire with HP Gas officials. Next, click on ‘Services‘ and choose the ‘Booking services‘ option.

booking services hp gas whatsapp

Step 4. Under booking services, you need to click on “Book Now & pay later“. You can also select the ‘Book & pay now‘ option and pay online.

book now pay later hp gas whatsapp

Next, you will receive a message on your mobile phone showing that your LPG Refill Cylinder is successfully booked under reference number: xxx……. and code number: xxxx. Moreover, you will also receive a website link through which you can make payment for your booked LPG cylinder.

So this way, you can easily and quickly learn about how you can book an HP Gas refill cylinder using their official Whatsapp number.

Services Contact
HP Gas Whatsapp Booking Number 92222 01122
HP Gas Booking IVRS Number 88888 23456
HP Gas Booking Missed call Number 94936 02222

The Main Concluding Thoughts

After reading this post to the end and following the above described some simple and easy steps. Hopefully, you must have quickly and easily learned about how you can book an HP Gas refill cylinder by using the HP Gas booking Whatsapp number.

However, if you are still doubtful, or have some queries or grievances, or issues with regard to booking an HP Gas refill cylinder through the HP Gas Whatsapp number, then you can contact HP Gas India by making a call at a 24×7 anytime toll-free customer care number.

The HP Gas Customer Care Service support team will shortly assist in guiding you through resolving the issues accordingly, suitably, and satisfactorily.

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