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In this daily busy life, if you want to send money to someone, then it’s indeed a very irritating and time consuming task. Wait! It’s time consuming only for those who don’t use Net Banking. Via Net Banking, one can send money to anyone in a very fast manner. Almost every bank provides the Net Banking service.

HDFC is one of the best banks in India. When you open new Savings Account in this esteemed bank, you are provided the Net Banking facility at the same moment. HDFC FD interest rates are also quite attractive.So, if you have HDFC Net Banking service, and want to send money from it to other banks, but don’t know how to do it, then this article is nothing less than a boon for you.

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This article will teach you how to send money from HDFC to other banks via Net Banking. You can send money from HDFC to Punjab National bank, state bank of India, Axis bank, Union bank of India, bank of Baroda and many  other banks.

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In order to transfer money from HDFC to other banks via Net Banking, you must add intended account as beneficiary. Here are the steps on how to do so.

Steps to Add Beneficiary

1.   First of all, point your browser to HDFC Net banking site.

2. There enter your Customer ID, IPIN (password), and Confirm the Secure Access Image (if applicable). Click Log In. You will be taken to your HDFC Net Banking account.

3. Look for the tab that reads ‘Third Party Transfer‘ and click on it.

third party transfer

4. In the left side, look for the option ‘Add a Beneficiary‘. Click on it.

secure access

5. Now you will be taken to the page to add beneficiary. The first thing you need to do to add a new beneficiary is to ‘Select Beneficiary Type‘.


Here are what these options mean:

Transfer Within the Bank : If you want to send money to any HDFC Bank, then select this option.

If you are ICICI bank user, then check @ Online Money Transfer From ICICI Bank to other banks

Transfer to other bank / Credit Card Payment (Using NEFT) : If you want to transfer money to any non-HDFC account or any Credit Card, then select this option.

Transfer to other bank (Using RTGS) : If you want to transfer fund without any waiting period, then select this option. Select it when you want to transfer anywhere between 2 to 10 lacs.

Repatriation from NRE Account/FCNR Deposit : Select this if you want to send money to accounts held overseas of NRI’s, PIO’s and OCI’s

Transfer to eCMS Account (Virtual Account) : If the intended account is virtual account, then select this option.

6. After selecting any particular option, click ‘Continue‘.

add as beneficiary

7. Then you will be taken to page where you are required to provide the details of account which you want to add as beneficiary.

8. You are required to provide Beneficiary Account No./Credit Card No., Account Type, Beneficiary Name, IFSC Code and Email ID.

9. To enter the IFSC Code, you need to use the ‘Click Here to select IFSC Code‘ option, that will take your IFSC Code Lookup. If you know IFSC Code, then enter it and click ‘Search‘.  If you don’t know this, then you can ‘Search’ by using Bank Name and/or Branch Name.

10. On clicking the ‘Search‘, you need to select your bank from search results.

11.  So, once you have filled all details on ‘Add a Beneficiary Page‘, just click on ‘Add‘.

12.  For Security purposes, you will be sent ‘One Time Password or OTP’ on your registered mobile number. Enter this OTP in the field asking for it.

13. You have successfully added Beneficiary. It will take 24 hours for this just added beneficiary account to get activated. Then only you will be able to transfer money to it.

Sending Money from HDFC to Other Banks via Net Banking:

1. Login to your HDFC Net Banking account and head over to ‘Third Party Transfer

2. On the left options, click on Third Party Funds Transfer‘.

3. Select Transaction Type and click on ‘Continue‘.

4. Select the Account from where you want to transfer the fund, Select the Beneficiary to which you want to send the money. Enter the Transfer Amount figure and description.


Select where you want the fund transfer status to be sent – Mobile or Email. Click on the check box to confirm that you are agree with Terms & Conditions.

5. Click on ‘Continue‘.

6. Verify the details on next page. Once you are done with verifying them, click ‘Confirm‘.

7. The NEFT Fund Transfer will be initiated. It’s better to print this page, or take screenshot.

Some Important Points to Remember

1. If the beneficiary you added has not been activated yet, then you will not be able to transfer fund to that. It usually takes 12 to 24 hours for successful activation of new beneficiary.

You can check the status of added beneficiary by heading over to ‘Third Party Transfer‘ tab and then clicking on “View list of Beneficiaries“. The status of intended beneficiary must be shown as ‘Enabled’. If not so, then wait for it to get enabled.

2. Always provide meaningful ‘Transfer Description‘. It will help you to keep track of your hard-earned money.

3. Take the printout of ‘Fund Transfer Initiated Page’ or take its screenshot at the very least.

4. After adding beneficiary and initiating the fund transfer, it takes around 3-4 hours or less/more for fund to appear in the recipient account. So be patient!

That’s it. This is how you can send money from HDFC to other banks via Net Banking. Hit the comment box if you need any further help in this aspect.

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  2. yesterday i transferred some money after enabling beneficiary .today i tried to transfer more money but system shows message that transaction cant be completed contact bank..i
    don’t know why?

  3. If we transfer amount from HDFC (salary account) to another bank through online. How much will be charges..???
    from salary account to another salary account?
    from salary account to saving account ??

  4. I just want to clear my doubt that ‘net banking transactions can be cancelled or not’
    please reply fast

  5. my office sent me money slip on 17th oct 4.25 am that the money will be transferred to my account. but its oct 19(sunday)10.20 am i still havn’t recieved the money. my office uses hdfc bank and my bank is corporation bank.when will i get the money in my account

  6. Hi,

    I have made an incorrect fund transfer who was already added to my beneficiary account. I wanted to know how do i go about cancelling/blocking the transaction or any other way to get the money back.

    • It may be possible to transfer money atm to other account. Otherwise you can send money from bank directly.

  7. I have HDFC account account and i want add beneficiary account, IFSC code not showing the beneficiary tab, already i know the IFSC code but system not showing please advise me urgent

  8. Thanks for sharing information.

    I have a doubt, If sender transfers fund to other person’s account, added this persons contact number in mobile/email text area before clicking ‘Continue’ then Can This Person see sender’s cleared balance in account after transfered fund ?

  9. I have HDFC account account and i want add beneficiary account, IFSC code not showing the beneficiary tab, already i know the IFSC code when i am entering system not taking, please advise me urgent

  10. please can anyone tell me what are the additional charges for tranferring money from hdfc bank to sbi bank..?
    please reply at the earliest

  11. i having salary account in HDFC… can i transfer money in Net banking to icici bank account on non working days.

  12. i am using hdfc net banking regularly. but recently having problem in site,that only view account tab is accessible. other tab third party transfer not working

      • I’m having the same problem — on all browsers. After HDFC revamped their site, the third-party transfer isn’t available. Clicking “transfer within the bank,” for example, takes you to the help / main page. In fact, all the Funds Transfer links take you to a Help page. This happened around Jan 15, 2015.

  13. Hi Team,

    Where can i see the transfer history in the Internet banking site??
    Is there any place where i can see the transfer status as well??


    • Hi Latha,

      You can’t check the transfer status from your internet banking account but the fact is that the funds transfer is instant and the banks guarantee for successful transfer within 24 to 48 hours for NEFT transfers. You can check your transfer history through your account statement that you can generate from your internet banking account.

    • Sorry Rahul,

      You can’t transfer money to China from your bank. You can use Western Union Money Transfer or PayPal for transferring funds from India to China. If you are an NRI then you can also use NRI banking services to transfer funds through banks.

  14. i was unable to transfer the money to my younger brother, this thought me well how to transfer the money. so helpful thank you very much

  15. If we transfer amount from HDFC (salary account) to another bank through online. How much will be charges..???
    from salary account to another salary account?
    from salary account to saving account ??

    • Effective from 1st August, 2012, NEFT transactions from HDFC NetBanking would be charged as below:

      • Amounts up to Rs. 10,000 – Rs.2.5 (exclusive of taxes) per transaction
      • Amounts from Rs.10,001 to Rs.1 lakh – Rs. 5 (exclusive of taxes) per transaction
      • Amounts above Rs. 1 lakh up to Rs. 2 lakh – Rs. 15 (exclusive of taxes) per transaction
      • Amounts above Rs.2 lakh – Rs.25 (exclusive of taxes) per transaction
  16. Hi, My brother transferred money to hdfc account from SBI Netbanking, but i am not using that hdfc account for 2years,what happens? plz help me out.

    • Don’t worry, Just contact your branch. Check money is transferred or not. If not, It will be refunded to your brother account.

  17. can anyone please let me know the direct link where I can log into the net banking and so that I can add a beneficiary accounts? I am trying so many times..but it is showing like this facility is not available currently.. it will be great if any one could help me with this..

    • Once you log in to your HDFC Internet Banking Account, you will see “Funds Transfer” on the top nav bar. Once you click that link, you will be redirected to the “Funds Transfer” page. Choose whichever is applicable based on the type of account you are transferring your funds to. (i.e. Within HDFC or other Banks)

      You can use both IMPS or NEFT transfer options for transferring funds to another bank account. When you select IMPS or NEFT, you will find a link “Add a Beneficiary” below the form. Click the link and you can add the beneficiary. You may not find the “Add a Beneficiary” link on “Transfer Within Bank” page. So choose, NEFT or IMPS funds transfer option to add a beneficiary.

      I hope this is helpful.

  18. in HDFC net banking “add a beneficiary ” page, whose email id is to be added?the beneficiary’s or the HDFC account holder’s? Kindly help.

  19. I have added benefitiary ( my sister ) just 20 mins back but unable to view her name under ‘view benifitiary list’ . can someone tel me how long will it take to reflect their name in the system ?

  20. hi am having hdfc bank net banking i want to transfer money to sbi credit card its asking IFSC code what i have to enter.

  21. Hi Team, I have done IMPS Transfer from HDFC to other bank account.Amount got debited from my account .But it was not transferred to beneficiary account. After 10 mins i got SMS that the IMPS transaction is timed out.
    How should i proceed further to get quick resolution on this.


  22. Hi team I want to transfer money from hdfc to indusind bank so when I try to add beneficiary its says er(cannot read property ‘Mid Appld’of null please tell me how to resolve.

  23. Hi, I have already added a beneficiary. Now when I am transferring money it is asking for an email/mobile number for communication. I wish to know if I can put any email id/mobile number where ever I wish to send the status or I must put my email id/mobile number only or I must put the beneficiary’s email id / mobile number only.
    Thanks in advance.

  24. Hi

    When added Beneficiary account I add wrong IFSC code but account number is right

    at a time I don’t know beneficiary IFSC code so I search IFSC code on net and unfortunately city have to offices and I select wrong one

    now I transfer money via NEFT form HDFC bank to indusind bank

    money is debited from HDFC bank account and definitely it is not deposit in beneficiary’s Indusind account now what I have to do to get money back and were can be money

    it is deposited in other persons account or situated as uncleared amount at wrong bank

    also guide what I have to do and where to contact


  26. Hi,
    I need to transfer money to Bank Of Baroda account but cannot find the exact IFSC code for that particular branch. I know the code and also the bank says NEFT transactions are possible by this code.. pls help urgently

  27. i made a transaction through netbanking NEFT but in the space of beneficiary a/c no. by mistake i wrote the payee a/c no…now what should i do to get back my amount?

  28. How do i set a standing instruction to debit a certain amount to another (non-hdfc) savings account automatically every month? I am not getting this info anywhere, please help. It is not a bill payment, but automatic funds transfer to another savings account.

  29. Your description of how to carry out transfer of funds from an HDFC ac to a beneficiary ac in another bank is lucid & easy to understand for a layman. Thanks, written with lot of thought & interest.

    However, why is it that I am not able to see the tab “Third Party Transfer” on the top of the netbanking page of my HDFC account?

  30. I transferred money from HDFC to Indian bank account on a Saturday. Please tell me how long it takes to credit the money in the recipient’s account and are the transfers are made also on the weekends? Thanks in advance :)

  31. i have transferred money from hdfc to sbi amount deducted from my account but not credited in my sbi much time it take. i have transferred on Saturday.

  32. Hi,
    I want to schedule the transaction so that on every 5th of month a fixed amount is transferred to my beneficiary account. How to do that?

  33. hi
    how can i register my TPT recently i was try but as shown display incorrect details can i know which is the one (atm pin above the card) i hope yours high co-operation appreciate

  34. Hi,
    For NEFT transactions, one needs to feed a fifteen digit account number.
    I had typed only a 4 digit number.I then contacted the concerned bank and noted the 15 digit number.
    I again tried to transfer money online,but the amount was redeposited into my HDFC bank.I want to know whether a beneficiary can be cancelled.

  35. Same thing happened with me , i transferred Rs 8000.First i got a message transaction successful then after 5 minutes again got a message your fund transfer is timed out. Please let me know when will i got my money back. please reply soon
    Sidhant Taneja

  36. i added a beneficiary and tried to make a neft transfer the same day the beneficiary was activated. The transaction didn’t go thro’. Why? how long one has t wait to make the transfer?

  37. I want to know, if i use to transfer big amounts frequently via NEFT to different people then is there any taxes i will have to pay in future..??

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