How to transfer money from SBI ATM to ATM of Other Banks

Financial processes rely pretty much on navigation through appropriate sources. Earlier these things were done through conventional ways those normally involve visiting much of the bank physical addresses.

However, scenarios have changed now, as these things are done moreover through online banking processes. Debit/Credit cards have made things quite simpler in this regard.


Though over the web banking, or mobile banking kind of things are fresh definitions for money transfer, still, transferring finance through ATM cards have been one of the most practised things. The best part is that you can carry-on this way of money transfer for all nationalized banks or private banking sectors.

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In this context, we provide you with the steps through which you can facilitate money transfer from SBI ATM/Debit cards to other accounts. We have chosen SBI being specific as it has the most number of customer base.

But money transferring process from other top Indian banks like PNB, IDBI, Canara, Hdfc, Union Bank of India, Axis, ICICI etc. is also quite similar.

Here is the list of banks where you can transfer money from SBI to other bank Atm:

SBI Itself
State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur
State Bank of Hyderabad
State Bank of Mysore
State Bank of Patiala
State Bank of Travancore

atm to atm money transfer in sbi

Procedures for the transaction through SBI ATM Cards

It is here to mention that the State Bank of India offers financial transaction facilities exclusively for their ATM cum Debit Cards. You can’t do the transference activity to other bank ATM or Debit card. Following the steps are given below can easily make the job done for you.

Follow these Steps to transfer from SBI Atm:

1. As usual, you have to first punch the SBI Debit cum ATM card at any ATM center.

swipe sbi atm card

2. Now select the preferred language which is displayed on the screen.

select language in sbi atm

3. It asks for the PIN, and you provide the exact one and click “Yes“.

enter sbi atm pin

4. Go with the “transfer” option available through the descending line-up. You can find it generally in the bottom part of the ATM display.

transfer option in sbi atm

5. Go for “Card to Card Fund Transfer” option.

sbi card to card fund transfer

6. Now provide the Debit Card number of the recipient. Generally, the number comprised of 19 digits.

enter debit card number of reciever

7. You have to provide the Debit Card Number of the receiving person twice.

enter amount sbi

8. Enter the amount of money you want to transfer to the recipient as it asks and clicks “correct“.

confirm amount in sbi ATM

9. Now the ATM machine asks you to confirm the amount that you are sending. Click “Yes” to confirm it.

select account type saving in sbi atm

10. Now it asks about the account type. You have to go with the account type as its existing type; whether Savings or Current. Just select saving account and your transaction will be completed. Now collect your cash and ATM card. Don’t forget to collect receipt slip.

transaction complete in sbi atm

Certain cases involved with the transaction:

That’s all about the necessary steps. However, leave the place only after transaction completion message appears at the display of the ATM. The exact amount of money is channelled as you provide. You can witness it as well through the Credit from your accounts.

ATM to ATM money transfer limit and Time

Update: It is here to mention that one can only become able in sending Rs. 40,000 in one transaction through the process. In addition, a user can’t send the amount more than Rs. 40,000 through the process in a complete day. It means if you go with the maximum amount of transfer of Rs. 40,000 in this way.

There is no limit on the number of transactions, but total money should not exceed 40,000 in one Day and the amount will be transferred instantly.

Important Points to Remember

  • One thing you must keep in mind that you can’t pick this as an EMI payment option for any sort of car loan, home loan, etc.
  • Sometimes it shows “timed out” while making money transfer this way. Don’t worry, it means that you have taken a little more time for a transaction. In these cases, you can simply repeat the process.
  • It is advised normally to wait for 24 hours (sometimes a little more) to check whether the account has been credited or not. Hence, having some patience is the best you can do.

Hope you understood the State Bank of India ATM to ATM money transfer process. Still, if you have something to ask, leave the comment below we will try to answer your query.


  1. Sir,i have transferred an amount of 4000 on 7/05/19 from my account to another saving account(sbi) of mine through bank account transfer option but unfortunately when i check my credit the transfer never took could you tell me whether the transfer was successful or not and how long will it take.

  2. I don’t have Payers Debit Card # but have only its Saving account number. Is it possible to transfer in such number?

  3. If I will transfer Rs.25,000/- from my own SBI account to my own SDFC account, through internet banking, how much the bank will deduct towards transfer of money. Please confirm to my mail ID at the earliest.

  4. I was sent some money through atm ti atm once. Now when iam sent money through ac no. Here iam unable to dispense. Atm shows unable to dispense cud some one tell me what to do now???

  5. Sir can i tranfer SBI atm card money to IDBI atm card(means card to card transfer)…..just reply sir please…..

  6. if i go card to card fund transfer and after that can i withdrawn money from bank by slip without using atm card

  7. Dear Sir, Can I transfer the amount from SBI Bank ATM to SBH Bank ATM of mine. What is the transaction period.

  8. Sir please tell me clearly is it possible to transfer money from one bank atm to any other bank atm???? Or it is possible only to atm to atm of the same bank?? Please reply fast

  9. sir few days back I have done money transfer fron sbi atm to sbh atm ,inspite the transaction is completed no amount appear in my sbh card

  10. sir actually i transferred sum of 1000 rs from sbi to sbi through it cmpltd 12 hrs..still now it not credited..gv me solution

  11. Today my friend transfered money from SBI to SBM through card to card but amount not credited in SBM account. How much time it will take? If not credited what is the procedure to get back the money?

  12. I have a sbi ATM card . can I transfer money from sbi ATM card to cbi account. I have not cbi ATM card .I have only account no.if yes then give process how to do.

  13. Does the exact transferred amount goes to other account.i have transferred 2000 rs. But 100 rs has been deducted why so ??

  14. Hi,Suraj Nice post. I was aware of the way to transfer money from SBI ATM to ATM of Other Banks. Thanks for letting me knowing.

  15. i have transfered money through (card to card) sbi card sbh card on 07.10.15 at sbi atm warangal city, but money was not debited my sbh card Hom much time taken to process card to card transfer plz tell me sir

  16. I have Done money transfer Txn from SBI debit card to SBH Debit card Through SBH ATM, money deducted from my Account but still not Credited to recipient Account After 48 hrs, what is the process to get my money back to my account or recipient account. Please guide me Thanks & Regards

  17. Hi, i have transfer 10k from SBI TO STBP. My Account was immediately debited with same but its been 7 days nothing has credited to my other account. i approach with the same but they are saying foolish things do that do this.

  18. sir, my friend transfer money from his sbi atm to my sbh atm. After transfer message display on screen as your transition is completed but money not transferred to my account I am waiting from two days can I complain now in branch office.

  19. i transfer an amount of Rs 2500 from atm to atm on 27/08/2015 at 0600 am
    the amount has not been credit up 2100hrs

  20. actually my sbi debit card contains 16 digit number but in above statement there was clear indication that the card contains 19digits is that my atm card was applicable for money transfer

  21. sir i transferred 30000 in a single transaction from sbi to sbh the atm is mentioned that it has been transferred but the money dint credited to sbh a/c plz help me out from it.

  22. I want to money transfer sbi atm to ssbj atm how much time money transfer in my ssbj account and i am get this money

  23. l m Ashok. i transferred sbm atm card to sbi card 20,000rs. in sbm accounts debited 20,000 but not deposited in sbi accounts.

  24. i have transfered money through (card to card) sbi card to sbh card on 11/07/2015 at sbi atm ramayampet medak dist. telangana state But money was not debeted my sbh card how much time taken to process to card to card transfer please reply me sir.

  25. i transferred money from sbi debit card to sbh debit card through card to card transfer… is it take time to process money transfer?

  26. can i transfer money from sbi atm to other bank atm (ex. canara bank atm) ??? please give me reply on my email id please

    thank you

    • You can transfer money only to sbi or any SBI associated bank using your ATM card. You can’t tranfer money in other banks via atm.

  27. Can I transfer fund using SBI card from other bank ATM. Like I have SBI card but no nearby SBI ATM’s are working so can I transfer from Axis bank to other ATM card holder.

  28. Thanks for your Needful Suggestion. I have transferred money from sbi atm to hdfc atm successfully.

    • i would like to deposit amount Rs.1500 in Indian overseas bank account. i have atm (debit card) through state bank atm. can i do this process. please give idea. how. if any charges will pay. please say earlier.

  29. my brother sent me funds through his sbh card to my sbh card and money is transferred instantly, it was 9pm night,

    • Is it possible to transfer money from SBI ATM to sbh ATM by card to card transfer. if it is possible means how much time it will takes???

  30. i have sbh maestro card and my brother have sbi atm card,can he transfer money from sbi to sbh,if yes how much time it takes.

  31. I have made a trxn by card to card scheme. It taken 2 days to process, but showing cemtex deposit in beneficiary account statement. Is this trxn was of me or anything else?

  32. i had sbi debit card.Add this card to Andhra Bank account to load the cash.tell me the process what i have to do..if not.

  33. while transfering SBI ATM TO SBM ATM (card to card transfer) I selected instead of saving A/c, current A/c it has taken and amunt had debited from my account, so pls guide me what happend for the same tansaction.

      • I wish I can transfer money from any bank atm to other bank account using savings account number. I understand it is available using destination account atm card number.Can’t we make the transfer with beneficiary account number alone?

    • I was tried to transfer money from my SBI account to an UCO bank account ..but I had been trying but it could not be.

      • I was try to fund transfer sbi card to uco bank card but after all kind of prossses done the machine anser unable to prosses

        • Here is list of bank where you can transfer money:

          1. State bank of India itself
          2. State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur
          3. State Bank of Hyderabad
          4. State Bank of Mysore
          5. State Bank of Patiala
          6. State Bank of Travancore


    • citi bank and kotak mahindra bank are the banks where u can register and transfer the funds immediately.

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