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ICICI is a very popular Indian bank and their services are widely available across all the regions of India. Few services are even eligible for worldwide access as well. ICICI is an Indian multinational financial services company where the ICICI abbreviation stands for Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India.

ICICI happens to be the first bank in India to introduce contactless debit and credit cards for their consumers, which is based on NFC technology and accepted in the regular POS machines.

With so many features and such impressive cards for banking, it is natural that the customers might want to about the status of their credit and debit cards. If you happen to be an ICICI bank account holder, then you should know the very basics of checking your card’s status for your own sake.

For Citibank User: Check Citibank Credit Card Application Status Online

Also, those new applicants who want to enjoy ICICI bank’s financial and card services could track their application status through this way.

How to Check an ICICI Card Application Status?

Checking the status of a credit or debit card is no difficult task. It could be done through the ICICI web platform and typically done within minutes. Checking the card status procedure is divided into three easy steps:

check icici credit card application status online

  1. Load the ICICI application status check website on your website browser first; the website domain for this purpose is A user could get there in no time!
  2. Navigate to the Track Application Status Page. Again the buttons are prominently visible and anyone with basic internet usage knowledge will be able to find it.
  3. A form should appear which would ask for a lot of data – name, address, age, phone number etc. However, before getting into this section the applicant will have to enter their application ID and mobile number for initial verification.

If the data stored in ICICI servers and the information that the user have input match, then the webpage would show the ICICI credit card application status.

For SBI user: Check SBI Credit Card Application Status Online

It’s convenient in so many ways because the applicant need not coming to the bank premises. Everyone’s busy in their own lives and it is difficult to make time for smaller issues like tracking an application.

Are you waiting for a Card Delivery?

Card delivery status and applicant status are quite different. If you have had an account with ICICI before and you await a renewal card from the bank, then the status of delivery could be checked through the iTracking app.

Want an ICICI Card?

To apply for an ICICI bank credit or debit card, certain qualification must be met. Debit cards are issued for any bank account but to get a credit card, the following information has to be submitted and they will be assessed by a professional at ICICI –

#All required personal information e.g. name, address, age, marital status, present and permanent address etc.
#Salary or monthly earning information. Required for calculating and setting the credit card’s monthly limit.
#Property information Etc.


Checking credit card applicant status is very easy on the ICICI bank online platform. However if you have more queries you could simply call their hotline numbers.


  1. Hii my name is KANHAIYA LAL MEENA apply for credit card 30 oct.2017 please trick my application no.17120501046 contact no.8742042808

  2. I had apply my credit card on 18 now my application no is w110050183701 till now I didn’t get any msg and I can’t check online status so pls contact me on 9408813634

  3. Hellooo..this Dinesh kumar My Application number is S110140152122.i subbmitted documents on 21st october 17.i am unable to check status of credit card.there is very difficulty to check.plese help me out.either send me link.

  4. Hi,
    I have applied icici credit card on 22nd oct 2017 and submitted documents also but still not received any information regarding credit card and also i am unable to check credit card status online. i was not interested to apply credit card but your representative forced me on call an then i submitted the documents. My application number is N110170068892.

  5. Hi,
    My name is Gaurav Sharma i have applied icici credit card and submit the documents on 22nd Oct 2017 but still i havent received any information regarding this and i am unable to check my card status online also. please revert me soon.

  6. Hellooo..this abhijeet My Application number is A110000364921.i submitted documents on 23st October 17.i am unable to check status of credit card.there is very difficulty to please check and help me out.either send me link.
    cont 8802559159

  7. Hellooo..this bipin kumar sahu My Application number is A110000370582.i subbmitted documents on 21st october 17.i am unable to check status of credit card.there is very difficulty to check.plese help me out.either send me link.

    • Dear Bipin Kumar Sahu,

      We have made a note of your concern. Our official will get in touch with you. We appreciate your patience.

      ICICI Bank Customer Service Team


    APPLICATION NO.:- 2017247556191

  9. hello..i m not able to track my credit card status..please help me card Application no is S110140088900. WORST BANK ICICI BANK

  10. hello..i m not able to track my credit card status..please help me card Application no is J100100849922

    • i applied for credit card on 12th august and submitted documents.till date i have not received any information.

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