How to Generate MMID For HDFC Bank Online

Immediate Payment Service, IMPS service is an instant money transfer service provided by banks in order to transfer money from one account to another in real-time. HDFC Bank has also started giving this service to its valuable clients.

This instant money transfer is easy to access and one can either send money or request his or her friends or family members to transfer the money in his or her account.

This service is open for bank account holders even on Sundays and bank holidays. The account holder just need to add a beneficiary or the person where he or she want to transfer the amount.

This process is simple and takes very less time. So, why to wait for the money when your social networking is here? Get up and ask help from your friends to transfer the money instantly using this service.

Benefits of using IMPS via HDFC bank:

  • Instant money transfer option resolves your money needs in the case of emergency
  • The process is easy and time-saving
  • Can be used to book train tickets, make hotel reservations, book movie tickets, etc.
  • Payment made faster

In order to start with IMPS, an account holder needs a MMID number, a-7-digit number to to start your transaction. Getting this MMID is one of the important and the first steps to mobile banking.

So, if you are really interested in initiating your transaction, get this number from the Bank. Without MMID number, your transaction wont proceed.

Let us look at some of the ways to get MMID number for HDFC Bank

1. Get MMID through SMS

Type sms ‘MMID‘ and send it  to 5676712 from the same mobile number used at the time of registration of your account at HDFC bank.

2. Get MMID through HDFC Net Banking

a) The first step is to Login HDFC Bank Net Banking by entering your customer ID and Password

hdfc net banking login page

b) Now open ‘request‘ link from left pane and click the ‘generate MMID‘.

request link hdfc bankc) Select your account number and just click on ‘continue‘. This generates your MMID number online very easily.

generate mmid hdfc

3. Get MMID through HDFC Chillr App

a) Login your account in HDFC app by entering customer id  and password. From button part, click on ‘fund transfer‘ option and request to ‘generate mmid‘.

generate mmid in hdfc chillr app

b) Now select your account and click ‘continue‘ button. Your mmid will generated for sending and receiving the money.

select account in hdfc app

4. Get MMID Through USSD Banking

  • First Dial *99#
  • Give Reply with ‘HDFC
  • Then Reply with 6
  • MMID will be generated and sent to your registered mobile number.

Note: If are facing registration issue, select ‘Retrieve MMID‘ instead of ‘Generate MMID‘.

These are some of the ways to get MMID number for HDFC bank. You can try these ways out and start your money transactions from today itself.


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