How to Get Mini Statement in SBI

State Bank of India ( स्टेट बैंक ऑफ़ इंडिया) stands as one of the few banks in India that offers assistance and convenient services both to the corporate and rural population, in same regards SBI or we can say State Bank of India represents itself as one of the most prominent bank chains in India with its availability in each and every part of the nation and worldwide.

Also, recently the lineup of five associated banks have made SBI or State Bank of India as one of the largest banking sectors not only in India but at the global level as the top 50 global banks around the globe. State Bank of India has launched its new facility with the name “SBI QUICK” that helps the customers better to get the mini statement of their accounts on their registered mobile phones.

There are several other methods also available to know the account balance in your account, in the article, we will try to discuss all possible methods available as an option to get the SBI mini statement.

First Activate ‘SBI Quick’

  • Customers need to register for the service as all they need to do is to send an SMS from the mobile number registered with the bank, Type “(REG <Space> Account Number)” to “0922348888“.
  • Instant assistance will be provided from the bank through SMS.
  • Information as bank’s records saving a bank, overdraft, cash/credit accounts will be provided in the SMS received by the customer.
  • In addition to the mini statement account information, the SBI Quick helps to manage other bank related jobs as the customer can choose to block their ATM Card by sending an SMS- Block<space>xxxx (XXXX represents the last four digit of the card number).

Steps to Get SBI mini Statement (मिनी स्टेटमेंट):

1. Customers may choose to simply SMS ‘MSTMT‘ to toll free number ‘09223866666‘ the mini statement of banking records (last 5 transactions on the account). Instant reply via SMS will be sent to the registered number.

2. Customers can also call on the number provided for the mini account statement at ‘09223766666‘.

get sbi mini statement

3. Mini Statement can also be generated by using ATM Card, the transaction receipt received after using the card will show the mini account details.

Other available options

Enquiries for different available services as home loans, car loans, and other related information can be made by an SMS send as HELP, HOME or CAR to ‘922358888‘.


    • I registered my mobile 4 months back. Till mid of Jan 19 I was getting SMS alert and mini statement. I am not able to get these services from mid of Jan 19. Please advise a course of action.

  1. Respected Sir,
    I have my account in sbi bank in Pune. I have transferred my account from one branch to another branch of pune city. Please guide me and let me know the way to check my account
    on line.

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