SBI Bank Timings – Working hours & Lunch Time

State Bank of India (SBI) is a well known public sector banking and financial services company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is perhaps one of the oldest banking institutions in our country with origins dating back to 2 June 1806.

Since then, the bank has evolved a lot and today it offers a plethora of sophisticated services to the customers. If you are looking for information regarding SBI working hours and lunch timing then you have come to the right place.

SBI working hours  and working Days Timings

Working Day Working Time
 SBI Timings For Week Days [Monday to Friday] 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
 SBI Timings on 1st, 3rd and 5th Saturday of Month 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
 SBI Timings on 2nd and 4th Saturday of Month  Closed
 SBI Timings For all Sunday  Closed

SBI Lunch Timing

 Lunch Time  Not specified, usually between 2:30 PM to 3:00 PM

You can make out from the information above that the SBI bank works for about 6.00 hours from Monday to Saturday (10:00 to 16.00). Even if you visit the bank at Lunch time, you can find alternate cashier and clerks at the counter who will assist you with queries and provide all types of banking services. So, the total working hours of SBI bank is 6:00 hours.

sbi bank timings and working hours


The lunch hours vary from branch to branch. However, there’s no specific lunch hour for the employees and they usually take lunch between 2:30 PM to 3:00 PM.

If you happen to visit the bank during lunch hours, you will not have to wait to get the services because there’s always someone to take care of your banking needs.

SBI bank is one of the fastest evolving banks in the country and it focuses on providing high-quality customer service. They don’t mind going an extra mile to make banking more convenient for the customers. We hope this information helps you.

In the Urban area, branch opening and closing time may be different. So confirm it by calling the branch before visiting the bank.

Article Updated: 8 April 2018


  1. Sbi bank Newra Road bank open hon time 10 baj open hon time daily11.00 baj open hoth please karave kor ek hi karamicher time per nhi athi hi, please

  2. ek sabad mie sbi se wahiyat bank is desh mien dusra nahi hai there staff don’t wont to work for the uneducated staff they don’t even know how to behave with Their customer.

  3. मी,आज दिनांक २३/०१/२०२० रोजी बँकेत दुपारी ३.१० बा.आलो असता एकही कर्मचारी हजर नाही.ही स्टेट बँक,sundarkhed शाखा जिल्हा बुलडाणा आहे.

  4. Very poor sense of professionalism
    They have already started ignoring their bank customers before lunchtime and usually take more than half an hour to talk
    SBI sector 8 Dwarka.

  5. Same here I’m at ganjam SBI branch facing problem no is here to one listening to cashier here at 2. Pm.

  6. Working hours time is on paper only not an actual entry to customer close at 1500 hrs. Just making fool to customer .not a good bank, I suggest to a new customer doesn’t choose SBI to go for another bank. Bank employees not having a sense how to talk with the customer.

  7. SBI doesn’t have an official lunch break timing. They are supposed to provide us uninterrupted service in their working hours.

  8. Pitifully the bank staff at sbi ITI YNR branch web fir lunch together without arranging alternate cashier to attend to me and I have to wait till they finished lunch very bad. Staff shd be reprimanded along with branch manager for this lapse not to occur in future

  9. Now I am present in sbi bank ‘benipatti’ . At this time each staff of this bank went for lunch together, while here is a very long line of people.

    Heres staff is very bad

  10. Sbi PARIVAR
    In between lunchtime 1 to 1:30 no passbook entry work, so I am suffering from 12 to 1:40

  11. They don’t respond properly when we approach the cashier in Athanavur Yellagiri hills.

    He is very rude when he handling people.
    I am not sure how sbi appointments such a people for work.

    Really he humiliated

  12. Patan varahi sbi bank branch in patan district have a no open at 10 am.
    Time is from 10 am to 4 pm
    This bank branch open at 10:30 am

  13. I here in sbi pugal road branch, Bikaner, rajasthan.No one is available here between 2 pm to 3 pm as they are saying this 1 hour is our lunchtime. Facing a lot of problem in daily routine no one is here to listen to us.

  14. Recently the sbi bank branches Gulbarga closed by 1 pm stating that employees having training in their head office they will put am notice on the same day morning how management is allowing this is the first time. they have to arrange alternative staff to run the branch.

    • SBI branch Varthur useless bank, because we didn’t get the ATM card since 2months if we visit the bank to withdraw the money they are always giving a stupid reasons saying that server is down and also the bank service timing, is until 4:00 but it will be closed for 3:30 only so it’s weekend Bank will be closed in case if there is an emergency where should we go and the thing is we didn’t yet get ATM card.

  15. sbi Bhujia bazar Bikaner not accept any 10 rupee coin And cut not working ability very-very poor. cheque deposit time 10 days

  16. Hi everyone ..y ppl r always thinking regarding customers only. If the bank lunch timings r around 2.30 to 3.00 ..then what about the health care of employees..and one thing my hubby is working as an accountant about 11 to 12 hrs in office only..and how it will affect his health..he is getting backache in his 30 years age only. I just requested the higher authorities to fix a perfect timing schedule to even employees such a way that there will b an active working of employees also..plzz don’t think only regarding customers..employees also important to us. I just want to tell that work is mandatory but not at the cost of health..please keep in mind.thank u

    • They are unproductive as hell in the Public Sector Banks. Even if you whip they will not work, because they have the safety net of “government jobs”. No wonder the marriage market wants a husband with a “government job”. Hope they die!

  17. South Delhi Sultanpur SBI only one counter staff operated a huge number of customers take more time insufficient staff in counter.12/11/18 I was an entry at
    2.30 pm my q number 10 1.30 hour I will be there in q 4 pm I am
    Next person in cash counter they guys tell banking time is over today they will. Not give money. already my ATM card also missing I tell to staff my pathetic situation they can’t ready to hear and give any help.THIS IS KNOWN As SBI worst counter service experience…arrogant behavior…THat only bank in India.plz, check CCTV……Let’s change SBI Let’s change 2019.

  18. I am a pensioner and get my pension through SBI Kithore GARH Road MEERUT code 02396. Here working hours are 10 am to 4 pm with a break of one hour from 2 pm to 3 pm. The door is closed at 2 pm and is opened at 3 pm after a lunch break of 1 hour. No work during lunch hour.

  19. Respected sir,
    Your SBI bank motibag branch does not follow lunch timing home loan employee go to lunch at 2 p.m and not come to 3 p.m. so arranged timing for customers.

  20. Regarding SBI branch G.T.Road Malout. I have come to know from sbi site lunch timing of branches is 2.30 p.m. to 3.00 p.m.with non-interruption of customer service (means regular service will be given to customers) but this branch put a lock 2.00 3.00 p.m. and clearly no service provided to customer moreover guard behavior is not good with the customer. Secondly, Manager or other staff members are not taking (pick) phone calls. So customers are facing too many problems with the hours & behavior of the branch

  21. hello, everyone how are you…
    just now I came to know our gr8 BHARTIYA STATE BANK LUNCH TIMING IS
    2:30 AM TO 3:00 PM
    lucky guys
    jai Bharat

  22. Who the hell closes bank at 2:45 in Mumbai (marol branch). Poor sorry worst service SBI… Bank open only for 3:30hrs rest lunchtime.

  23. SBI industry area branch mansa Punjab has very poor service. I have 40 year old current account. But staff is so idiot. And nonsense. I have a video of this staff. How the branch staff ruff behavior for a 75 year old lady. If a responsible officer can do something this branch. I can post this video

  24. Mostly server is no available at SBI mati Kanpur dehat. So the customer is very in the problem. Please take necessary actions.

  25. I was very happy when I was an account holder of State Bank of Hyderabad.
    Since it merged with SBI everything worsened.
    If you want to experience the worst banking service in India, then open an account in SBI!!!

  26. This timing is violated in many branches. While asking to the concerned bm, he states that no sufficient staff all the time, hence no alternate cashier.

  27. 30 July 2018, At 10 am I went to SBI Likabali, Arunachal Pradesh, For Paying My First-time admission fee for Engg.Instt. via challan, they refused to say The Link is down, Again I went to CSP for paying thru my card payment which didn’t work. I came back again at the bank at last hope that for nothing just to request and Convince the cashier but he behaved very rudely Very angrily and said Please don’t disturb. They were doing their cash transfers at the same time but refused mine urgent Payment Works. I argued for 15 Minutes with the cashier but he kept repeating get lost get lost. It was a matter of my Career and for the whole life I will never gonna forgive them, And for sure If I became a part of administrative Deptt I will teach a lesson to all these Hopeless nonsense idiot craps of the nation. I have no more intention to be a customer of SBI.

    • Please write to the Ombudsman as well as on FB etc
      These people must be taught a lesson.

    The SBI Notice Board shows that the timing is 10:00 AM to 04:00 PM, but between 02:00 to 03:00 PM they refused to do any work, SOME SBI EMPLOYES ARE NOT CUSTOMER FRIENDLY…

  29. Add-Bounsi, Banka, Pin-813104 Now I am in SBI Branch but no staff in branch Bank is telling that my time is 10 to 4 but now time is 10.30 no staff in this bank. In this branch, no any rule.please do something for this bank sir

  30. Standing in the line for an hour now. The staff has gone for lunch. Nobody to attend the customer here. What the hell is wrong with SBI?
    Oops sorry, I totally forgot.
    Its a govt bank
    Very disappointed

  31. Sbi bank branch junior district Mansa very very poor service. Lunchtime is 2 to 3.15 p.m. Very disappointed.

  32. On 27th June at 4.10 pm, I visited SBI SAILASHRI VIHAR branch to handover documents for KYC verification. The Hindi speaking lady on the desk did not receive the documents as it was beyond 4 pm. Non-money transaction activities continue up to 4.30pm but SBI staffs are not customer friendly.
    As they are enjoying 5 days a week, they should increase daily working times.

    • Don’t be a crybaby, burn your guts and end up with a nervous breakdown. Indians have been lazy for generations and that was the reason British bet the shit out of them for centuries. Since moving to Canada in 1953 I have noticed that banks are mostly operated by a woman and they happen to be efficient, sincere and hardworking. I hope some gutsy manager takes over and straighten out the system.

  33. One of the worst banking service. SBI workers shouldn’t know the basic sense. Its the top most worst service.
    If you want to check ?
    Kindly visit axis Bank,icici,hdfc.
    Then visit sbi.
    You peoples can feel the difference.

  34. Bank employees are not active all time . They do their work according to themseleves . Sometimes theyake angry thr consumers . Bank should be replaced by atms and online banking facility should be expanded so that all work to be done by users own.

  35. 22nd April this Year went to SBI Renigunta branch sharp At 3.5lac cash not take. Cashier 35 years got without nameplate..he and Asst. Manager told. audit work we could not take business suffered. SBI 14168 Renigunta poor M. Arjunbabu

  36. I visited hugse road branch near Bharatiya vidyapith Bhavana date 19.05.18. time 03:00 p.m. Branch staff told bank is closed for today. Come on Monday. Service very poor. Really SBI is the slow bank in India

  37. Lunchtime is one hour.
    2 to 3 pm.
    No facility during this break.
    SBI kundli branch Sonipat Haryana.

  38. Its about more than an hour …I m here ..SBI branch ….no one is here to deal vid me on counter …because they are heaving their lunch …very very poor service …

  39. If a staff during their lunch time does not assist the customer what will be the consequences and the action that we can take upon them please regarding further info…

  40. Though working hours are written from 10 to 4 PM …this is for cash transactions only,

    Transfer entries, RTGS etc, Lockers ought to be done up to 4.30 PM as in other nationalized banks. Unfortunately, guards in SBI lock gate 4 PM and don’t open.recently, I had a very bitter experience…I was to collect FDRs for 22 lacs at 4.15 PM…the lock was not opened..when I protested the guard called the police to my dismay. The manager said, he did it without his consent …who cares in SBI…

  41. In jagital SBH branch is not there such timing to lunch when they have mood to eat that is the lunch time soon please clear that issue and behaviour is toooooooo bad to customers asking questions rudely take action people are suffering from a suffered customer.

  42. my parents are not highly educated,bt they are asking to sbt employee how to opening new sbi account.they are told in morning 1000 rs ok for opening saving acc.come eve like that.they go again 3 o clk the same staff told 2000 rs for openning acc.they are not respondig to customers in right manner.then that staff ask rude chennai pammal sbi

  43. Today on 9th march2018 I visited to SBI, sector-23A branch at 14:27 but there was no cashier and no other employees to assist and help to me for withdrawal cash, So still employees are not following the rule and regulations of RBI and their guidelines and customers are suffering from problems.

  44. I already read your office duty timetable. But in our Chapakhowa branch bank code is 11624 always shatter down on before 3.00 pm. And the security person used very rude language.

  45. If recess time is generalised, it is obvious that 1.30pm to 2.30pm is to be considered as recess. From the comments it is clear that “No Work” or service is available during recess

  46. Today Coimbatore RS puram SBI open at 10 cock closed on 3:45 and we need luch time schedule only one counter for deposit

  47. I found that sbi hinghangat branch opens at 10:30. Officers are attending very late with irresponsibility. how can I complaint about it?

  48. Hi I am very dissaponted with serviceof SBI at Pehowa, KUrukshetra ( Haryana ) i understand that staff has 1 hour break each day but there was no alternative or temp. assistant at the counter for 1 hour. i spoke to the Branch manager but he replied they on break. is that what we provide to customers?

  49. Have any complaints against sbi please visit these link and Register your complaint

    Your problem will be resolved in seven working days

    • Shitty ass bank in the country ! Asshole service. I hadn’t a good day inside of the state bank. Feel sad on the staff who think that state banks are their fathers property.

  50. Response time to the given queries is very poor( SBI Hyderabad,Mallepally) despite follow up no acknowledgement and update is given by the branch manager. this gives an impression of over all branch operations and service standards.
    Hope this blog matters for improving the services for my self and every SBI account holder.

    2)IN SBI AND even in other banks ther should be CCTV to monitor behavior and working of staff/officers.
    3)employees may avail 5 days working…but there should be rostering to work 24×7……at least essential services .
    4)in case ATM at bank is not working …in times of Demonetisation ..they should hhave put a stsff at ATM with aswipe machine who colud give 2000-4000 cash…….but sorry the bank employees and unions only want more and more facilities on public money…….poor poor .

  52. timing is not set… kabi bi ayo kabi bi jayo…. sabh bakar yaha rishikesh sbi omkarananda brance me..

  53. Sbt nemmara… Such..a.bad…customer…relationship…………but..when..I..left…the..gate..was.closed…… deposit money by stating the nxt date in deposit slip and handing over to a staff over there.when I asked them to open the gate they refused to open it.. Saying that wait for 10mins when all r finished I would open it.Me being in clg uniform made them think that wht he would say if ask him to wait for some time.I had to catch my bus in time. But they refused and hence. Now I am siting in bus stop for the nxt bus to arrive.wht I want to say: U charge us for not having minimum balance in our account like 30,40rs but U dont even leave us of ur premises without ur interest wht a. service and customer relations u hav for us.

  54. Same problem in singhia branch in the samastipur district all tym ATM out of service & in the bank already money problem. & I am already aadhar submitted to bank but staff says me u r not submitted aadhar card. How funny हंशी आ रही है बैंक वालो पे।

  55. The SBI Notice Board shows that the timming is 10:00 AM to 04:00 PM, but between 02:00 to 03:00 PM they refused to do any work, they Protest for the holidays, 5 day week but never protest for not doing the work in proper timming… lazy bank, first update the mentality then update the IT system..

    • The bankers at SBI,T.81 Branch, Nakodar enjoy a lunch time of 1hour from 2 to 3 pm contrary to the instruction of half an hour Lunch time. And no Officer is concerned about it.

  56. So lazy system in SBI see other private bank all provide good facilities and not wait for transaction or any other work they all helpful and in SBI see lunch time all table no one sit in ambawadi branch customer waste his valuable time.

  57. No one is their to assist customers in lunch time at sbi dauji road bikaner. Only br. Manager is in branch in his cabin.

  58. I found the sbi branch at Zadeswar was open at 10.30 is it decided by the branch it self at what time it open and closed

  59. There is not any specific time for launch. Where more than 2 staff posted they will go alternatively.launch time is 30 min per staff. They will take it any time usually after 1.30 pm

  60. rong status hai. Ya fir bank walo ne apni marji ka time bana rakha hai koi rokne tokne wala Nahi hai.
    lunch time-1:30 TO 3:00 PM
    openings time-10:00 ; to 4pm

  61. Hi,
    I don’t agree with the statement that if you visit during lunch break then you can get services. Because I have a shop in front of sbi branch in Singho Dist Bathinda Punjab and everyday they open 10 am and close gate 2 pm for lunch . You can’t enter until 3pm . Rain, sun heat doesn’t matter stay out of bank.
    The most interesting point is atm booth is shut since demonetization.

  62. SBI Latur Branch at Tilak Nagar is not allowing customers entry before 10.30 am…..whom to complain??

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